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Welcome to Fresh Golf Reviews. Today, on July 27th, this site is here to give you a preview of new products and reviews of those products that are showing up in the bags of progressive golfers.

At Fresh, we don’t review everything – only the things that we’re pretty sure that we would like to have in our bags, on our feet, and that we think are worth our time to check out. We don’t plan to be the definitive source for all golf-related product reviews – we just want to spread the word about the equipment, accessories, and experiences that are out-of-the-ordinary and ushering in a new world of golf.

Street-wear inspired clothing, artfully crafted equipment, exclusive golf resorts, and private country clubs. It’s not that we don’t respect the traditional golf industry – it’s just that we think that there is a new and exciting world of golf, golfers, and designers that are emerging in place of the traditional approach to golf products and experiences. This new and emerging world of golf is what we intend to bring you with our reviews, articles, and commentary.

From this day forward – you can expect Fresh to bring you the latest, greatest, and most progressive gear, equipment, and experience reviews. We hope that you enjoy reading our reviews as much as we enjoy writing them.

If you have any comments or questions for us then you can contact us through emailtwitter, or on our facebook page.

– Ben Carey