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A golf shoe that you can run a marathon in? Well, yes.

As a key illustration of the diversity – consider that Ryan Moore won a PGA Tour event on the same day that TRUE President Rob Rigg completed a marathon – both while wearing the Sensei.

Although it might sound a bit strange, making a golf shoe that can hold up to a marathon actually makes a ton of sense. What better test to comfort and performance for a golf shoe than creating it to the performance and comfort standards of holding up to a marathon?

Whether you’re a runner or not, the TRUE Sensei is well worth a look if you’re searching for a solid and comfortable golf shoe designed for the walking golfer. The Sensei is a pleasant and casual shoe that is at home on the track, around town, and especially on the golf course.

I’ve always loved the shape, fit, and styling of all of the TRUE products. I cycle between the Stealths, Tours, and PHX on a regular basis and mostly just switch them out depending on how I’m feeling for the day. The addition of the Sensei will add one more pair of TRUEs to that rotation.

Judging from my experience so far with the Sensei, I’d recommend them primarily for warm and drier climates. The mesh uppers make the shoes very light and comfortable, but won’t be as durable as the various grades of leather found on the other TRUE offerings. As a light shoe for the walking golfer, I’m not sure you’ll find anything out there more worthy of walking the course.

Another area where the Sensei is a clear winner was is travel. I fly the majority of weeks in the year and I always bring work shoes, workout shoes, casual shoes, and golf shoes. I’ve recently been able to use the PHX as an alternative for casual shoes, but with the Sensei I can collapse the workout shoes, casual shoes, and golf shoes all in the Sensei. I’ve done this for a few trips now and it’s been great. The Sensei is the perfect all-around shoe for a traveling golfer looking to travel light.

Having completed the Hundred Hole Hike earlier this year, the Sensei would certainly be my choice for doing the same event in the future. The Sensei brings the great minimalism of TRUE with the flexibility of purpose to combine in a great hybrid golf shoe.

If you need breathability, comfort, and a lightweight shoe – this is the best golf shoe out there by a long shot.

We have additional detailed pics of the TRUE Sensei on Facebook Page.

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