TRUE Linkswear Stealth

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After having a lot of success with last year’s TRUE Tour and this year’s new TRUE PHX, I was eager to test out this year’s TRUE Stealth. TRUE Linkswear has done a superb job of redefining the perfect shoe for walking golfers and the TRUE Stealths have ended up being my favorite golf shoes yet.

The Stealths have a style similar to the rest of the TRUE lineup with simple, minimalist styling and a high quality leather that is extremely comfortable. The uppers have a noticeably softer feel and a toe cap that gives the Stealth a distinctive and quasi-classic look.

Although the Stealth has a minimalist look, the shoe is packed with game-changing innovations (and simplifications) that result in a close to flawless walking shoe.

The wide toe box allows for better grounding throughout the swing. The low-profile sole keeps you close to the ground and allows for exceptional feel all around the shoe. The outer rim of the sole ensures that there is no slippage, and the high-quality leather upper, liner, and insole give the shoe great all-around comfort.

The pair that I’ve been testing are the Stealths in the White / Mud color. Although I really like all of the colorways that are available from TRUE – this stands out as my favorite. I love the white on white coloring of the uppers and the mud sole is a nice neutral color that seems to match up well with everything I pair the shoes with.

The only downside I’ve found with the color is that the uppers are somewhat difficult to keep clean through the heavy pollen and early season conditions. The white takes on a well-worn look almost immediately that makes these shoes feel like old friends every time I pull them out of the closet.

The Stealths work well in all types of conditions. I typically walk the course in the morning and the early morning dew is no problem whatsoever for these shoes. I’ve also worn the shoes through both hot and cold conditions and in light and heavy rain – all are just fine and the Stealths hold up equally well in all of the conditions that I’ve experienced.

The unique look of all of the TRUE shoes tend to turn heads – but I seem to have the most complements while wearing the Stealths. While the other TRUE shoes have a look that takes a little time to grow on most people – the Stealths seem to be a style that almost everyone can picture themselves wearing. I rarely play a round of golf without someone commenting or asking about the shoes.

While I frequently alternate shoes between rounds – I’ve played the Stealths now for almost two months straight. I always welcome the opportunity to continue to test out new shoes and write new reviews, but I can say that it will be difficult to leave the Stealths behind for the next shoe review.

If you’re a serious walker or if you’re looking for the ultimate in both comfort and performance – the TRUE Stealths are worthy of serious consideration. The shoes don’t require any breaking in and they have a level of comfort that feels like it will go on forever. I have walked 36 straight in these shoes and they felt like they could absolutely keep going.

As the TRUEs have started showing up at major golf outlets, I strongly encourage you to try these on the next time you see them at your local golf shop. There’s not another pair of shoes that I’ve felt that have this level of comfort.

Hundred Hole Hike

I’ve recently pledged to take on the Hundred Hole Hike challenge and these are the shoes that I’ll be wearing to train in and take the challenge. I can’t imagine a shoe that’s better equipped for the job.

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