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A few years ago TRUE redefined the essence of what it means to make a great golf shoe. Since the company first dropped their initial lineup of golf shoes aimed at the walking golfer. TRUE has continued to refine the details and expand their lineup in a way that has continued to gain the trust, support, and dedication of golfers around the world.


Although the shoes might look “different” at first glance – that’s because they are. TRUE has simply made a strong, sturdy, and durable lineup of comfortable golf shoes that feel exceptionally better than any other golf shoe on the market.


I’ve been spending about three days a week over the past few months in the newly released TRUE Chukka.

Why three days a week? Well, that’s about how many times I get out to play golf. So far, that’s been about 24 rounds of golf and every one of those rounds has been spent walking.


The Chukka is a mid-top version of the TRUE Stealth and is designed primarily for the colder seasons. There’s nothing that limits you to playing in colder climates with the Chukkas, it’s just that they are a bit higher and offer a bit more support around the ankles.


The leather in the shoes is soft enough that the shoes never crease.

I’m continuously amazed by the inability of many of the large golf manufacturers to make shoes that don’t constantly pinch in various places throughout the shoes. It’s clear that the TRUE crew plays in their product and cares deeply about how they feel.


The Chukka comes in a few different color options – both Black and Brown.


The leather, soles, and general construction of the shoes are identical to what you’ll find in the Stealths. The only difference that I’ve found is that the shoe generally tends to be more durable than the Stealth. I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t been testing them in milder temperatures (typical mid-50s North Carolina Winters) or if it’s because of the color of the Chukkas (the Chukkas I tested were black and the Stealths I tested were white). Either way – the shoes look less “worn” in a few months than I noticed with the Stealth.



The new Ninja sole that is on the Chukka (as well as others in this year’s TRUE lineup) has some improvements to the tread that have further minimized any slippage and also that have improved the overall life. I’ve worn the circular knobs off of plenty of pairs of TRUEs now (I play quite a bit of golf) and the durability of the new soles feels like they’ll easily result in an extra few months of life.



Since I walk every round of golf, I can typically burn through shoes quickly.

I can easily wear down two pairs of shoes in most seasons and the Chukkas feel like they would easily last me through a few fall/winter combo seasons. For the typical golfer – they’ll likely easily last through many years of moderate play without a problem.

Thoughts on TRUE

TRUE continues to put out some great shoes and the following that they’ve created continues to grow. In many ways – TRUE is too good. As someone who reviews a lot of shoes, they sure are making it hard for me to get excited about shoes from any other manufacturer.


After multiple pairs and styles of shoes from TRUE, I’m convinced that the company is here to stay and that they’ll continue to put out great shoes that seem to be the holy grail for the walking golfer.


Just a few days ago I ran into someone on the course wearing a pair of TRUEs and although we were 20 yards away from each other – we both simply nodded and smiled. It feels good knowing that you’re onto something that it will take most other golfers a few years to catch up to.

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