The Ultimate Everyday Carry

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The Ultimate Everyday Carry is our take on the perfect items for the walking golfer.

These are the few things that amplify enjoyment on the golf course and will stay in the bag for every loop. Sometimes it’s about weight, sometimes style, and almost always it’s about enjoyment and craftsmanship.

These are the items that we’ve curated to bring the most enjoyment to every round.

The Ultimate Everyday Carry


A Deeper Look

Mackenzie Golf Custom Ballistic Nylon Bag. There are few bags that are meant for the true minimalist and Mackenzie makes the ultimate bags for those that are content with less. See our full review here.

Seamus Covers. Nobody makes better covers. The feel, style, and all-around utility of the Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid covers are unmatched. This is our all-time favorite golf company, and we’re pretty hard to please. See our previous reviews here and here.

ClaretDreamer Trestle Sticks. Insanely light and adequately minimal. The perfect accessory for the Mackenzie golf bag. Send an email to for purchase inquiries.

Rolex Submariner with Suigeneric strap. The perfect everyday classic watch accented with a golf-friendly waxed-cotton strap.

Field Notes & Fisher Space Pen. The perfect combo to keep the weight down and still allow for use in any and all weather conditions. How else would we keep notes on all of these products we review?

ClaretDreamer Pitch Mark Repair Tool. Simply beautiful. These hand-carved tools are one of our favorite discoveries. Send an email to for purchase inquiries.

Suigeneric keychain. Everything that doesn’t go in the bag stays in the locker. When you only carry one key – you should carry it in style.

Miir Howler. 32 ounces of delight. It’s hard to carry beer when you’re walking and this great invention makes it possible. Don’t forget to refill at the turn.

Imperial Oxford Bucket Hat. The classic. Enough said.

Holderness & Bourne Scorecard Holder. The perfect companion for those who insist on keeping score.

Stance Golf Socks. For the baller. Great socks are critical for anyone who spends their days walking the course. Not only do these socks feel great after 36, they also give you another reason to swing it like Chi Chi.

Vice Golf Balls. Design-conscious performance. Our new favorite ball. See the full review here.

Your Turn

We’d love to hear about your everyday carry. Leave a comment and let us know what you’ve got in the bag.


  1. Proper golf bag includes: 9 golf balls, 20 tees, 3 pennies, 1 sharpie, 2 golf gloves, & sunscreen. Nothing more. Any additional items are embarrassing.

  2. My iPod and a small Bluetooth speaker is always a must in my bag. Gotta go charge up now fort round this morning.

  3. Please don’t play music on the course.

    The main thing I take is food and water. Warm layer because I tend to play twilight into the dark (to avoid people, like those who might not consider their impact on other players).

  4. The roper golf towel would be The Players Towel – Not Club Glove. I’ve owned both and the PT is far and away the superior towel. Plus the customizations on the PT is superb!

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