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Fresh has been a great experience over the past five years.

The journey has taken us around the world with clubs in tow and has provided the opportunity to meet great people in and around the golf industry. Most of all, Fresh has provided us with the opportunity to meet so many of the great people out there that have devoted themselves to this incredible game of golf.

While Fresh has been a lot of fun, I still think there’s more to offer.

The reality is that this game is so much deeper than the latest and greatest products to hit the big-box retailers. Golf is much more about the journeys, the beauty of the walk, the power of the friendships, and the spiritual awareness that comes with learning to accept the present and to accept ourselves. And this is why we’re evolving how we bring you great content.

Starting soon, we’ll be focusing on a weekly newsletter covering a variety of topics that revolve around golf. The result will be much more lifestyle focused than product focused. The newsletter will be a curated collection of inspiration, craftsmanship, products, travel information, and items that we’re reading.

Along with the new newsletter will come a new name and a new set of social media channels. The new platform will be called hello kensho.

We’ll be sending out our first newsletter in the upcoming week. If you’d like to go along on this journey with us, head over to and enter your email address to signup. If you’re already a subscriber to the fresh. newsletter – then we’ll transition you over automatically within the next few weeks.


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