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There has been a ton of publicity and buzz around the RocketBallz (RBZ) line from TaylorMade this year. Coming off of a solid year of new introductions last year – TaylorMade has kept the new products and technologies coming with the introduction of the new RBZ line of drivers, fairway woods, and irons.

Although it initially looked like TaylorMade had made a major fumble in naming the RocketBallz line – the products appear to be really catching on with the majority of golfers. While the name of the line results in plenty of chuckles – the performance of the line appears to be no joke.

I’ve had the opportunity to play the RBZ irons over the past 10+ rounds and these are my opinions on the look, feel, and overall capabilities of the clubs…

The set I played was a standard RocketBallz Iron Set (4 through Attack) with the regular-flex steel shafts.

Look & Feel

My initial impression while unboxing of the irons was good. I really like the dark gray steel, the sole of the irons have a nice shine, the carbon accents are nice, and the quality feels solid. While I’d personally prefer something other than neon green accents – the accents do have a nice flow from the cavity to the highlights on the grips. The neon green is subdued enough that it’s really not noticeable through regular play with the clubs.

While I wasn’t fully blown away by the look of the clubs, they did grow on me after a couple of rounds. At this point I’m really content with the overall look of the clubs and they certainly have a nice feel.

The clubs have an open cavity in the 6 through Attack Wedge while the 3, 4 and 5 iron have a solid insert. The solid backs give the club a feel closer to a hybrid than a standard long iron. TaylorMade refers to the solid backs as having 2 piece MetalWood Construction.

As I pulled the clubs out of the box the irons certainly felt more solid than my normal irons. Since I’ve walked every round with these clubs – I can say that the carry weight does not seem any heavier than normal while the swing weight feels heavier while playing.

The solid feel of the clubs results in a high degree of confidence for me. I feel like I don’t need to work very hard and the clubs feel smooth and consistent throughout the swing.

Each club is individually optimized and tuned – so different clubs have noticeably different looks. The 3, 4, and 5 have a thick top-line while the 6 through Pitching Wedge have a look and thickness that is similar to most other game-improvement irons.

The dark gray satin finish and single white paint fill along the bottom groove of the face combines for a nice and attractive look at address.


There’s been a lot of hype about the technology and performance of the entire RocketBallz line. Since our reviews are primarily based on feel, I’ll simply point you to the TaylorMade website to read in-depth about the performance claims and technical aspects. Take a look at the video below for an overview of the major technologies…

From my first few shots on the range – I was very impressed with the entire set of irons. The ball flight was high and the clubs consistently promoted a high draw for me – clearly noticeable in the 6 through Attack Wedge.

Before these irons – most of my rounds have been with Callaway X-22s and the ball flight of the RBZs was significantly higher than what I’m used to. I haven’t lost any distance with the high ball flight and the clubs have all been true to my normal distances. The ball feels great coming off the face of the club – a very smooth and solid feel with a nice sound.

The entire set of irons has been very forgiving – more so than what I would expect. I’ve been working on reconstructing my swing with the help of GolfTEC over the past few months and as a result I’ve seen my impact area on the irons move all over the club face. I feel like I’ve given these clubs the ultimate workout in forgiveness – and they’ve performed beautifully. Mis-hits are manageable and the feel is similar to shots that are nailed on the sweet spot.

For distance – these clubs perform similar to the majority of other game-improvement irons that I’ve tested. The long irons give me slightly more distance than I would typically get. I’ve noticed that my 5 iron carries a few more yards and I can typically use the 4 iron in places where I would previously hit a hybrid. The distances all feel consistent with these clubs – even as I work on my rebuilding my swing.

A big standout for me was the addition of the Attack Wedge. I really like this club and it’s a club that I didn’t realize I would use so often. The 50 degree loft is a nice addition and has become one of my favorite and most trusted clubs.

6 Month Update

This section was added as an update after six months of play with the clubs.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months of playing with these clubs. I have to say that they are every bit as wonderful as the first day they went in the bag.

Over the past six months I’ve cycled through quite a few iron sets and the Rocketballz Irons have been the set that have returned to my bag every time I just want to go out and play a great round of golf. These clubs continue to be great.

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