Sun Mountain Swift ZG

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I started my quest for a good walking golf bag at the beginning of the year and I’ve been really surprised by the lack of options. While there are a huge selection of golf bags available, very few of those bags are designed for walking. As a matter of fact, most of the bags out there would be a huge burden to lug around the golf course.

The things I’m looking for in a walking bag are fairly straightforward: light, functional, and simple. Putting those constraints on the bag instantly takes your options from dozens or hundreds of golf bags down to a handful of choices. One of those choices is the Sun Mountain Swift ZG.

The entire Swift series of bags from Sun Mountain are all built as walking bags with each model having different specialties to tailor to a specific type of walking golfer. The ZG in the Swift ZG stands for Zero Gravity and is due to the ability to use the included Zero Gravity belt that can be attached to the bag.

The design of the bag is mostly minimalist with a two-way opening on the top of the bag, five pockets, and a retractable stand.

The two-way opening is good enough to keep your clubs organized without getting overly complicated or requiring the need to stick your clubs back into a specific slot. This sunday-bag-like design is a welcome change for me, the simplicity of the two openings is great. The irons mostly stay put in the bottom pocket while getting around the course. The clubs still maintain a light clinging sound (what would golf be without that?), but certainly don’t shuffle around or have as much movement as bags with additional slots.

The five pockets that are provided are all functional and straightforward to use. There is a full length rain-gear pocket on the outside of the bag, a ball pocket and valuable pocket at the bottom of the bag, a medium-size pocket on the front of the bag (accessible while walking) and a water pouch. The bag has enough room to put just about anything you’ll take with you while walking. I tend to have a few sleeves of balls, a valuables pouch, and a 27oz Klean Kanteen with me. I really love that the bag securely holds the larger water bottles and will easily accommodate a typical Gatorade bottle.

It’s now been about 15 or so rounds of golf that I’ve played with the Swift ZG and the stand has held up really well. The grip at the top of the bag is easy to grab on to and the legs work really well almost everywhere on the course. The only issue that I’ve had with the stand is in the deep rough where the legs don’t spring out as well as they do on solid footing (in the deep rough I typically stand the bag on the fairway on my way in). The legs retract really well and I haven’t had any hint of sag in the stand when it’s retracted.

I opted for the Zero Gravity version of the bag because the course I play the most has some significant walks from green to tee and I was interested to see if the ZG belt could lighten the bag further and make the walks more comfortable. I didn’t expect the Zero Gravity belt to have a noticeable impact, but it certainly does. The belt does a great job of better distributing weight and removing a lot of the weight off of your shoulders.

I use the belt for even the short walks and have been very impressed with both the concept and the implementation. My first round with the belt attached was walking 27 holes and I was instantly sold on the Zero Gravity belt.

The belt is fully removable, so if for some reason you don’t like it, you can simply pull the belt out and you have a typical stand bag.

The last thing worthy of mentioning is that the straps on the bag are really simple to adjust while also being very comfortable. The padding of the straps is just enough to keep to keep them comfortable without adding too much bulk in the fit.

Sun Mountain has done a superb job in every area with this bag and it’s a a great all-around bag for the dedicated walkers. If you’re looking for a nice walking bag with a stand – this might be the bag you’ve been looking for.

If you’re interested in seeing more images of the Sun Mountain Swift ZG bag, you can check out our additional images posted on Facebook.