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I’ve been spending the past few rainstorms and chilly days out on the course wearing the SunIce Volt jacket. I’ve had a few bad experiences over the years trying to find a rain jacket that actually worked well in the rain (amazing how most rain jackets don’t) and I’ve been really happy with the Volt. The jacket looks great, has some great features, and even goes as far as keeping you dry. Imagine that.

The golf world seems to have quite a few options for rain gear and the quality can be hit or miss. The Volt is part of the Hurricane line from SunIce and is a perfectly capable jacket for wearing through both light and heavy rain.

In my testing I wore the jacket through dry conditions, light drizzle, steady rain, and heavy downpours. The Volt handled all conditions extremely well and never once did any rain stand on the jacket or make it through the exterior. The GORE-TEX fabric is every bit as great as you would expect it to be.

The Volt is very lightweight and thin enough to keep in your bag without noticing it being there. The weight of the jacket feels great in both chilly and warm conditions. I wore the jacket multiple times in weather in the 90’s and for a few rounds in temperatures as low as 45. In all these weather conditions the jacket felt great whether it was over a typical golf shirt or sweater.

The Volt has a great versatile design with zip-off sleeves, an attached water-repellent cloth, a waist-cinching system, attached wrist cuffs, adjustable velcro cuffs, and sealed seem chest pocket. All of the technical aspects of this jacket are well-designed and the jacket feels great on the course. I never noticed any restriction in my swing or movement and the jacket is light enough that it’s barely noticeable while wearing it.

The cut of the jacket is excellent for golfing. The jacket isn’t too baggy or too tight and the arms are tapered in a way that the jacket stays out of the way of your golf swing. The jacket doesn’t have any rubbing or rough edges that are noticeable and this is true throughout both normal wear and while swinging.The attached lycra wrist cuffs allow for full arm movement while also keeping the rain out and the lower portion of the sleeves easily zip off if it gets warmer or if the rain is intermittent.

The pockets in the jacket allow for ample storage and also allow access to the waist cinching system. It’s nice that the waist cinch adjustment can be done with the jacket fully zipped so that you don’t have to get wet while adjusting the jacket. The water-repellent cloth is excellent for cleaning off balls or for drying grips. I thought the attached cloth was a useless feature until I used it and it ended up being a great perk for drying off the grips of my clubs around the green. The chest pocket was perfect for an iPhone and I didn’t notice the phone at all while playing.

If you’d like to see some more pictures of the SunIce Volt Jacket, you can check out the SunIce Volt Photo Album that we have posted on facebook.

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