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I bought my first standing golf bag around 1990. It was a forest green and deep red Sun Mountain, with all the great features of the time. A lot has changed in the last 20+ years, and Sun Mountain has lead the charge in progressing carry bag technology. A quick review of the website reveals sixteen variations of bags intended to support the walking golfer. I prefer to walk, and wanted to put Sun Mountain’s latest lightweight carry bag – the KG:2 – to the test.

There are several features of the KG:2 bag that are immediately appealing. To me, the featherweight feel is what immediately jumped out when I first picked up the bag. Despite the extremely light weight, you can see and feel the solid construction across the bag. There are several pockets – providing ample space to load up the bag with gear, each with solid, easy-to-open zippers.

The KG:2 also comes equipped with the E-Z Fit® Dual Strap System – which initially took some amount of getting used to. The straps are easy to adjust – but I initially struggled with the feeling that the bag was too parallel to the ground as I carried it. It gave me the feeling that the clubs were about ready to fall out as I walked. I’ve since moved past the concern and have grown comfortable with the feel. On a positive note, the straps are very well padded and provided an extremely comfortable feel across the shoulders through the round.

The one additional comment I’ll make, though, is the size of the pad at the center of the E-Z Fit® Dual Strap System – and the impact that can have if you play in very hot, humid conditions like I do (scorching summers in humid, no wind North Carolina). If you tend to sweat during your round, the large E-Z Fit® pad situated on your back will get warm and draw sweat. It’s a minor thing, and didn’t impact my game – but is worth noting in the review.

Another thing to get used to with the E-Z Fit® Dual Strap System is how to best get the bag off your back and situated on the ground when you arrive at your ball. While you’re reading this – probably thinking “that’s a no brainer” – there is some amount of adjustment with the strap system on the KG:2. There are three built-in handles on the top of the bag with the front one acting as a great option to use when taking the bag off your back. It actually quickly became second nature to quickly get the bag off, and on the ground. The handles at the top of the bag – while initially appearing to be just aesthetic – quickly became a favorite feature of mine on the bag.

The top of the bag provides four divider compartments for your clubs. Unlike several of today’s modern bags that provide dedicated slots per club, the KG:2 kept it simple – and was thus able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary weight from the bag. Again, as I prefer to walk and carry – this was another appreciated feature of the bag. The compartments are also very large, and caused no issues with grips getting stuck together at the bottom – or with multiple clubs coming up and out when trying to pull out the chosen one.

Overall, the bag has been a welcomed addition to my choice of preferred equipment. If you’re looking for a fully-functional carry bag with plenty of storage space – and place a premium on light-weight feel, I would strongly recommend the Sun Mountain KG:2.

Wanna see some more pics of the KG:2? Check them out on our facebook page.

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  1. It is Paramount for every Review to first & foremost, give the “WEIGHT” of any Carry Bag!!!
    When carrying weight is Vital.

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