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I recently received an email from Stitch Golf with an invitation to stop by their office near Raleigh here in North Carolina.

I had a blast spending an hour or two with Stitch co-founder Charlie Burgwyn talking about everything from headcovers to our mutual passion for design and excellent craftsmanship. I walked away from the Stitch offices with a handful of products to test out and a solid respect for Stitch and the products they’re bringing to market.

It was a great afternoon of seeing various prototypes, taking a look at their current offerings, hearing where they’re headed, and listening to the core values of what goes into making a great product. I was very impressed with the growth that Stitch has seen and their capabilities and desire to take what they’re doing to the next level.

One of my key takeaways from my visit was that there’s deep inspiration integrated into the Stitch products. I heard story-after-story about how a particular object or experience resulted in a corresponding design. Whether it was the lines of a particular car model, the knitting of a particular sweater, or the history of a particular lot of leather – the designs that Stitch has been putting out all have some really interesting stories behind each of the designs.

It’s also worth noting that these covers are made in the USA. It’s great to see products being produced in the US and it’s nice to know that they don’t have to be shipped around the world to make it into your bag. While the approach is obviously more expensive – Stitch seems to have found a way to do it while keeping the cover prices low.

The Designs…

Although Stitch is new, they’re constantly iterating on different and innovative designs.

The covers include everything from traditional stripes, color combinations, and materials to a variety of different prints and types of leather. I was able to get a glimpse at some of the early prototypes of the next covers that Stitch will likely bring to market and they’re unlike any others I’ve seen.

I particularly like the ability to customize the combination of covers for your bag. My favorite combination was the plaid-print driver cover with a more traditional fairway wood and hybrid cover. The mix-and-match ability of the covers gives endless variety and the majority of the covers look great together.

On The Course…

I tried a variety of covers out on the course and was impressed with all that I used.

The covers come with both unfinished and finished openings and both were easy to use and get on and off the clubs. The covers easily stay on the clubs as they bounce around in the bag and are snug enough to turn the clubs upside-down without the covers falling off.

After multiple rounds and constant removing of the covers – everything looks like it will continue to stand up to the normal wear-and-tear of a frequent walking golfer. After quite a few rounds I still have some time to go before the covers are fully broken in. I’m looking forward to see how they wear over the long haul because they seem like the type of cover that will only get better with time.

Other Stitch Products

Stitch hasn’t limited themselves to the head covers. They also make putter covers, a variety of shoe bags, valuables pouches, and a great mix of additional accessories.

I’ve been toting around all of these accessories and they are similar in craftsmanship to the rest of the Stitch products. All of these have worked great and I’ve been very happy with the quality.

I do have to make a special mention of the divot repair tool. I’ve never been so surprised by a single item. These things kick ass and are the best divot tool on the market. The spring-loaded divot-tool is great to use and extremely well-designed. Everything about the tool is perfect. When you’re ordering your covers from Stitch, make sure to add one of the divot tools to the cart, you won’t be disappointed.

Looking For More?

I highly recommend stopping by the Stitch Website and their Facebook page to see what they’re working on and to pick up a few covers.

Interested in seeing some more pictures of the Stitch products? Check out our Facebook page – it’s full of extra Stitch product pictures that didn’t make it into this post.

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