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My first real exposure to SeeMore was about six months ago while playing at Carolina National Golf Club. I was paired up with a couple that were members at the club and they (to say the least) proceeded to give me a few lessons in how to play golf. After noticing that the woman that I was playing with was taking me by at least a stroke a hole (always on the greens) – we talked at length about the love she had for her putter and how it made all of the difference for her. Guess what kind of putter she was using…

…yep, it was a SeeMore FGP Original.

On my way home from that short golf trip, I stopped by the local Golfsmith and noticed a SeeMore FGP in the putter rack. I could barely drag myself out of the store after I sank putt after putt on the putting green with this putter. After 20 minutes on the putting green in Golfsmith I was convinced that I had to have one.

After spending half the night browsing the videos and blog posts on the SeeMore site – I proceeded to go through the SeeMore Putter Fitting Guide, get my measurements, and choose the perfect grip and head cover. After having the putter in delivered – I was thoroughly impressed with the results of the online fitting process. As it turns out, I’ve been using putters that are around 1.5 inches too long. My shorter putter that arrived from SeeMore felt much more natural and comfortable than my other putters.

I was really excited to get out on the course with the FGP and the putter didn’t let me down. I was able to get acclimated to the putter quickly. My first 10 or so minutes on the putting green had me missing putts consistently left. I was able to quickly notice the misalignment in my stance and was able to fix it almost immediately with great results.

I’ve been using the FGP Original for quite a while now and I certainly feel like I’ve added consistency to my putting game and I’ve dropped a few putts from a typical round. Within 10 feet I have absolute confidence that I’ll sink my putts and I frequently make one or two longer putts every round. The only area that it feels like I’m struggling is distance control over 30 feet (I just don’t have the feel dialed in yet).

The RifleScope approach works. Hiding the red dot and using the white bars on the head of the putter allows for a consistent setup and quickly brings consistency to your stroke. With the consistency problem out of the way, you’re left with fewer things that can go wrong and when they do the culprit is easily narrowed down and can be corrected much easier.

The FGP is an amazing putter at a low price point. I haven’t seen another putter that comes close to the FGP Original at $150.

The grooved face of the putter has a great feel and the swing weight of the club is consistent and well-balanced. This was the first center-shafted putter that I’ve used and although I was a bit skeptical at first, I ended up really loving the simplicity of the design and the control I received. The weighting of the club feels nice – although it’s not as heavily weighted as most of the putters that I would normally prefer.

From a performance standpoint – the putter is excellent. From an aesthetic standpoint – the putter is beautiful. A silver face, flat black head, two-colored shaft, a perfect head cover, and excellent grip make this putter an excellent example of good design and solid technical craftsmanship. If you order the putter from SeeMore, you are provided with multiple fitting options and the additional ability to choose your head cover and grip.

I also recommend that you check out the triangulator putting aid (see the videos below). The triangulator is a great training aid at a minimal price that seemed to work wonders for me.

All of the rave reviews of SeeMore putters on the golf review sites and in the various forums around the web are a testament to the products that SeeMore is consistently releasing. The next time you’re in your local golf shop take a while and putt around with one the SeeMore putters and see what you think. I’m guessing you’ll end up with one in your bag before long.

SeeMore has also done a great job with the content that they have posted on the SeeMore Putter Blog and YouTube channel. All of this information is available for free and does a great job of showcasing SeeMore putters as well as their underlying philosophies in putting. I’d also encourage checking out the SeeMore Guarantee (located on the bottom of the front page) – as it shows the passion that exists in the company and the commitment that they have to their consumers.

If you would like to view additional photos of the SeeMore FGP Original that was reviewed here, you can head over to the Fresh Facebook page and checkout the SeeMore FGP Original photo set.