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When people find out that I write for Fresh, they often ask me what my absolute favorite item has been that I’ve ever used. I don’t have to think about that answer all that long before I point them to Seamus.


Of all the great products that I’ve reviewed, the covers from Seamus are at the top of my list. The covers are the perfect combination of craftsmanship, simplicity, great design, and a great modern take on an old-school idea. To top it off, it’s all within easy reach of the everyday golfer at a reasonable price.


Have you noticed that the majority of golfers out there have given up on their head covers that came with their clubs? How many golfers take off the cover and leave it in the basket through the entire round? Of course they do – the majority of them suck.

I’m of the pretty strong opinion that the majority of the stock headcovers are an embarrasment to the companies that create those great drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids that we all love.


The Seamus Driver Cover

Seamus covers are obviously different. The throw-back barrel design of the covers, the excellent quality and durability of the tartan wool, the great fleece inners, and the ability to have something “a little different” all play a big role in the experience of using Seamus covers.




Reaching over and (easily) sliding the cover off of your club can be a great experience. I wish I had the words to describe the feel, but I think you have to experience it firsthand to do it justice.


When I did the first review of Seamus last year, the company only offered fairway wood covers. When I asked Seamus about why they didn’t offer a driver cover, the answer was that they were working on it, but didn’t want to release a driver cover until they felt it was perfect. Well, Seamus now has driver covers, and yes, they are perfect. To make it even better, you can customize the leather label for only a few dollars more.


In the box that I received from Seamus, I also received an ear warmer and a valuables pouch. While these aren’t currently offered publicly, they have the same attention to detail as the head covers.

The Seamus Ear Warmer

When I first heard about the ear warmer (a few months before receiving it), I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by the concept. When I saw the ear warmer in the box I had a totally different reaction.


This thing is basically a head cover for YOUR head – and it’s made with the same precision as the club covers. Again, I have to say it’s perfect.


In a few emails back and forth with Akbar, I found out that the ear warmer started as a gift from Megan. Like most passionate walking golfers, Akbar loves playing links courses and the winds can often be a challenge. Megan designed an ear warmer in the same spirit of the head covers and the concept for the ear warmer was born.

The first time I used the ear warmer it was 30 degrees with wind gusts up to 40 mph. After being miserable in a normal hat and considering calling it a day after the first few holes, the ear warmer kept me toasty through the rest of the round. This thing makes a profound difference. I hope these get released, because trust me – you need one.

The Seamus Valuables Pouch

The last item in the package was a valuables pouch.


Do you currently have a purple Crown Royal pouch in your bag? Well, the Seamus pouch is nearly identical – just remixed a bit. You see those purple pouches often because they act as a great valuables pouch and the crew at Seamus decided to start with the classic pouch and add their own flavor.


In Conclusion

Seamus is a great company making beautiful products. Do yourself a favor and checkout their website, read about what they’re doing, and pickup a few of the best golf products on the market.


Want some more Seamus? Checkout the photo album on facebook for pics of the products in this review, the photos from our original fairway cover review, and a few additional pics from the 2013 PGA Show.

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