Ping G20 Driver

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Few brands out there demand respect like Ping. The reputation of the company is based on consistent production high-quality and solid products. Anytime I’m in the market for a new club, Ping is one of the first companies I look at because I know their products rarely disappoint.

In addition to the quality, I also love Ping for their non-standard approach to pricing. Although it’s certainly controversial that they rarely discount (take a look at the fine print of that next big-box retailer coupon you get), this is a huge plus in my book. There’s nothing worse than dropping a bunch of money for equipment and then getting an email a few days later that the price has dropped a few hundred dollars. Ping can get away with this because they kick ass and they price their products fair to start with.

I’ve alternated through quite a few drivers this year and the Ping G20 has been my favorite one yet. This driver is incredible from start to finish and there’s very little that I’d change. To cut to the chase – this driver has been a perfect match for what I’m looking for in a go-to, everyday driver.

My G20 journey started by spending some time getting fit with the correct loft, shaft, and flex. I hit a lot of clubs – so there weren’t many surprises when I landed on the best numbers and overall feel with a 10.5 degree Regular flex driver. My swing speed is rather low and this setup with the TFC 169D shaft has proven to be a perfect combination of consistency and distance. Although I’ll still pull or push a few drives during a typical round – my overall play from the tee has left me smiling ear-to-ear.

The look-and-feel of the club is very standard for a traditional Ping driver. There’s no adjustment to deal with – just a straight-up solid driver that looks good and feels even better.

There’s not much that stands out on this club from an aesthetic sense. It’s fairly understated (especially at address) while the sole of the club has the Ping and G20 logos. The top of the club has a stylized alignment aid and the face is traditional and understated. Nothing really stands out here (well, unless you go with the Bubba Pink driver). The shaft is Ping-branded and adds a bit of color to the club while not being overwhelming. The driver looks great at address and the aesthetics stay out of the way and let you focus on the ball instead of the club.

While the look is typical, the feel is amazing. I prefer the “softer” feel and sound of Ping drivers and the G20 feels and sounds wonderful. There’s something about the feel that puts me in a relaxed mood and the resulting tempo and smoothness of my swing appears to follow suite.

I’ve had this club in the bag for over a month and my first few weeks my golf game was really struggling. Well – except for my drives – which were just about everything I could ask for. Golf is a strange game and somehow my few weeks of intense struggle on the course were every bit as enjoyable as any other round of golf that I’ve played this year. I’ve noticed that I’m generally happy if I’m not scoring well as long as I’m driving well – and this club did it’s part in letting me let go of the other shots and focus for a few weeks on enjoying the walk.

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