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Nike has made some incredible strides over the past few years in their ability to deliver top-quality golf equipment. The new Nike VR PRO Combo Forged irons are a great reminder of just how far Nike has come.


Spending a few months with these irons in rotation has me believing that they have to be one of the most under-rated irons out there. These clubs scream quality and they couldn’t be much more pure in their feel.


I bounce around quite a bit between different iron sets and this set has stayed interesting enough to stay put in my bag for quite some time now. Aside from the great look of these irons, the performance is exceptional. The shot shaping and overall consistency that I’ve come to expect out of each iron in the set leaves me smiling ear-to-ear every time I head out to play.




The 3 through 6 irons have a polymer-filled pocket cavity with a slight visible gap in the cavity while the 7 through PW have a split cavity that is sealed. The all-around low profile and clean lines on these clubs have a beautiful aesthetic and provide an excellent feel for well-struck shots. Even off-center hits come off clean and fly well, with the feedback from feel providing more feedback than the affected ball flight.



I played with the stock True Temper DG Pro shaft and love the match of the shafts with the VR Pro Combo heads. The pairing gives a great feel, nice ball flight, and excellent workability. I’ve noticed a substantial positive difference in my ability to work the ball and have an impact shot shape beyond any other irons I’ve played. Most noticeable is the fact that I can actually shape shots (that might sound strange, but I’ve never had much consistency in attempting to shape shots at all).



If you haven’t spent any time with the latest equipment to come out of Nike then you should be sure to hit the clubs the next time you’re out at the shop. I’ll be that you’ll walk away either extremely impressed or walk away with a few new clubs.



To learn more about the Nike VR Pro Combo Forged Irons, you can check out the clubs in the online Nike golf store.

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