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[stag_intro]I was extremely excited to test out the new Vapor Speed Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid after coming off of a full season with the Nike Covert 2.0 Pro line. The Vapor Speed is targeted as the most forgiving of the new Vapor line.[/stag_intro]


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a strong fan of the Volt colorway, but I am a huge fan of the work being done over the prior few years by Nike. The Vapor line doesn’t disappoint, although it took me a while to settle on an opinion of how strong the overall Vapor Speed lineup is.

Nike Vapor Speed Driver

The Vapor Speed Driver is a clear standout driver. There’s a mixed bag here, but the performance of the driver is undeniable. There are things I like and things I don’t, but the reality is that this club will be in the bag for a while. I consistently hit this driver straight and long — and at the end of the day that’s what really matters.


The sound of this driver is great and even mis-hits leave you with something workable. The flight of the ball is a bit higher although still pleasant and something near the sweet spot are accompanied by an overall great feel.


There are a few things that I really love about the driver aesthetically and quite a few things that I don’t.


At address, the club looks really good and I love the combination of the white shaft and black head. The Volt color on the club drives me a bit crazy, but it’s something that I’ve become (reluctantly) acclimated to. I do however strongly prefer the shorter head shape and black face of the Nike Vapor Pro over the Vapor Speed Driver – these are the two things that give me the most heartache with the Vapor Speed.

Nike Vapor Speed Fairway

The Vapor Speed Fairway is a nice complement to the Vapor Speed Driver. The Fairway comes with a static loft of 15 degrees and lacks the adjustability characteristics of the Vapor Flex Fairway. The lack of adjustability was just fine with me given that the 15 degrees is where I would have set it regardless.


The look of the Fairway is visually similar to the driver and my same biases apply as they did with the driver.


Overall, the fairway performed well. The club plays a bit different from the prior Covert fairway and I easily prefer the Vapor to the Covert. The Fairway isn’t a game-changer, but it is a solid all-around selection for a fairway – especially paired with the driver.


The Fairway performed typical for me without any strong bias in a positive or negative direction. I did have a harder time hitting this club farther than other fairways that I’ve recently had in the bag – although only slightly.

Nike Vapor Speed Hybrid

To complete the set, I tested the Vapor Speed Hybrid #4 with a loft of 23 degrees.


True to the Fairway, the Vapor Speed Hybrid is non-adjustable and comes in a set loft configuration.


The Vapor Speed Hybrid proved to be a nice club to round out the set and was both easy to hit and carried consistently. This is one of the easier hybrids to hit and I felt as if I could reliably depend on this club to perform when I needed it the most.


Parting Thoughts on the Nike Speed Line


All of these clubs are great . I can clearly recommend the entire set – assuming you can handle the volt accents.

If you happen to love the volt trend that Nike has been accenting all of their clubs with this year then be sure to check out the new Vapor Speed High-Visibility Volt edition. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but you have to love the all-in commitment by Nike.


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