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Covert Fairways Hybrids - Four Faces

It’s no stretch for me to say that I’ve been incredibly impressed by Nike Golf lately and what they’ve done with their recent releases of the Covert line. I was impressed with the Driver and I’m equally impressed with the Covert Tour Fairways and Hybrids.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Four Toes

Nike has put together an impressive lineup of clubs lately and after many rounds with the Covert Tour 3 & 5 Fairways and the 3 & 4 hybrids, the Coverts have me smiling ear-to-ear.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Soles

The Tour edition of the fairways and hybrids have quite a few differences from the regular versions. The aesthetic is noticeably different with the silver face and sole replaced with a flat black (which I strongly prefer) and the Tour versions of all of these clubs are adjustable and offer the new Nike FlexLoft adjustability.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Fairway Face

The adjustability concept works very well in the fairways and hybrids. While adjustability is mostly being seen in drivers, it makes just as much sense to offer this level of tuning in the Fairways and Hybrids. Dialing in the clubs to fill any distance gaps is a huge advantage and something that is much harder to do without the adjustability. While the lofts are something that you’ll likely only dial in once – it’s a nice perk and allows for the seamless matching to your specific distances with any of the clubs currently in your bag.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Adjustability

The 3 wood is adjustable from 13 degrees to 17 degrees, the 5 wood and 3 hybrid both share adjustability from 17 degrees to 21 degrees, and the 4 hybrid offers a span of 21 degrees to 25 degrees. While I haven’t found a need to adjust the clubs to anything other than the default neutral setting – tweaking the lofts has allowed me to fine-tune this set to match multiple sets of irons that I frequently play with.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Shaft

All of the Fairways and Hybrids come with a stock Kuro Kage shaft that compliments the clubs perfectly. The Kuro Kage is showing up on quite a few of the stock clubs this year and this has been my favorite standard shaft that I’ve used.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Cavities

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Rear View

The cavities in these clubs (like the Covert driver) is rarely noticed in normal play and although it’s one of the first things you notice while inspecting the clubs off the course – it’s easy to forget about after putting the clubs in play. I’m not sure what to attribute the performance to, but all of these clubs are a pleasure to play with. The feel, the weighting, the sound, and the results all add up to an excellent playing experience.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Fairway Hybrid Face

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Fairway Hybrid Rear

While Nike fairways and hybrids might not be on the initial list of clubs that you would anticipate trying out, all of these offerings are worth a long and hard look. I’d highly recommend considering and hitting these clubs as you refresh your bag for the new season.

Covert Fairways Hybrids  - Lineup

If you’d like to see some more photos of these clubs, head over to our Facebook page and have a look at the Nike Covert Fairways and Hybrids Album.

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