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There’s nothing as exciting as seeing a newly built club from Miura. I honestly get chills every time we have the privilege to review one of their new offerings.


The New Wedge Series from Miura is every bit as incredible as the other Miura clubs that I’ve put into rotation over the years (see the K-Grind Wedge and CB-501 review). I only used one wedge from the new set, and it has instantly become my new go-to inside-50-yards wedge. The level of control and the overall feel of the wedge are both extremely impressive.


The New Wedge Series come in odd-numbered lofts spanning 51 to 59 degrees. I decided to test out the 59-degree wedge which is a club that I’ve never felt the need to carry on a daily basis. I’ve had a hunch for a while now that a 59 degree wedge would help fill out my overall game and I’ve had so much fun with this wedge that I almost want to miss the green on approach shots just to be able to hit it.


The aesthetic is beautiful and the simplicity of the wedge resonates deeply with me. The fact that it has a clean sole is a great design feature that not only keeps the wedge looking crisp, but also avoids the nasty dirt and sand accumulation that typically build up on the markings and fills that are typically featured on wedge soles.


The back of the wedge has the simple Miura logo, the loft stamp, and a Japanese character that translates as “striving” or “noble effort.”


I chose an Accra SPi shaft that complements the Miura head perfectly. This is a great shaft and one that I haven’t used before. The Accra SPi shaft has made a very solid impression on me. If you haven’t checked out this shaft, it’s worth a look.


The 59 degree wedge has an 8 degree bounce, a minor negative offset (I guess that would be onset), and a great sole shape that is incredibly versatile.



I’ve had a whole new series of shots that have come into my arsenal with this wedge. It’s great from around the green and I feel that that I have quite a bit of control and great consistency. Simple chip shots land soft and flop shots tend to be much more controllable that I’ve experienced with all of the other wedges that I’ve reviewed. I just seem to be very consistent with this wedge.



The club also has a very pure feel all the way through the swing and the click sound when striking the ball only adds to my fascination with this wedge. The next time you’re in the market for new wedges – I recommend that you spend some time at a Miura fitter and try the New Wedge Series out. Given the comments from the other golfers that I’ve let hit this wedge – I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

If you’d like to see some more of the New Wedge Series from Miura, you can see the full photo album on Facebook.

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