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Like many other golfers out there, there are times when I see a product that I feel like I absolutely have to put into play. For me, this goes well beyond pure performance claims, there are just items that feel like they belong in my bag. The Miura K-Grind wedge is one of those products.

Miura is a company that most golfers haven’t heard of and the players that know about the company just can’t seem to stop talking about them. Miura clubs are certainly harder to find and they aren’t a club that you’ll see very often out on the course. When you do spot one of their clubs out in the wild you’ll notice instantly because they stand out. It’s as if you can see, feel, and even smell the craftsmanship that pours out of their iron and wedge offerings.

Miura is not on a typical release cycle for creating new clubs and offerings in their lines. A limited number of clubs are produced each year and new clubs are created as advances in materials and approaches are found. This simple philosophy is extremely appealing and shows that Miura is simply in the business to build great clubs for golfers. Seeing the same products year over year is a testament to the quality of the designs and approach that are coming out of Miura.

The K-Grind is a club that simply looks amazing. The grooves that you see in the sole of the club are referred to by Miura as “flutes” and they reduce resistance against the hitting surface and increase acceleration through the ball. While a first reaction is typically “huh?” – the design makes a lot of sense and lives up to the claims.

The K-Grind that I used had a common True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft and a Pure Pro grip. All of Miura clubs are custom-built, so you have plenty of options to tweak your shaft and grip combination. The combination that I used is a common setup and all aspects of the club fit really well together and provide exceptional feel.

The K-Grind wedge has a weighting that is heavier than most wedges that I’ve used. Although it’s on the heavier side, the club feels like it’s perfectly weighted and balanced for a 56 degree wedge. Clean contact with the ball has a “buttery” feel and the weighting makes the swing feel nearly effortless while also giving an amplified sense of control. I’ve hit quite a few wedges and I’ve never hit one that has come close to the feel of the K-Grind.

Beyond the shaft and grip options, there’s not any customization available for the K-Grind. The club only comes in a 56 degree loft with a 12 degree bounce. While the options seem a bit limiting at first, there are plenty of other options for wedges from Miura.

There are a few types of conditions where the K-Grind really shines for me – namely in the sand and from the deep rough.

My home course (Hasentree) has an abundance of rough-lined bunkers. There are 88 bunkers on the course and each is filled with SP-55 sand. While having so many bunkers would seem to imply that each round will have plenty of sand shots, each bunker is typically surrounded by taller grass which catches many of the bunker-bound shots. The K-Grind is the perfect club from both the longer grass and from the bunker. While the club is equally capable from the fairway it performs noticeably better in the rough and sand.

I’ve also had the opportunity to the play the K-Grind in various types of grass and sand and the club shines in all conditions I’ve put in front of it (soft sand, hard sand, rocky sand, and a variety of different types of grasses). The versatility of this club is simply amazing.

If you need a solid all-around wedge or a wedge for the rough or sand – this club should be at the top of your list to look into. Everything from the aesthetic to the performance of the K-Grind lives up to the Miura name and tradition.

In my travels from course to course, I’ve often had playing partners ask about the wedge and ask if they could hit it. Every time someone new uses the K-Grind, the person using the club holds their follow through and a few seconds later follows up with the comment – “wow” (this reaction is so universal that it’s honestly a bit spooky).

If you’d like to see more images of the K-Grind Wedge, you can check out the Miura Golf K-Grind Wedge Photo Album on the Fresh. Facebook page.

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