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Maide is a new spin-off from the Bonobos empire with a focus on creating modern-classic golf apparel.

Introducing Maide

The crew at Maide has done a great job by introducing some classic basics that have a great fit, dependable quality, innovative materials, and a great attention to detail.


It’s pretty obvious that Maide has the resources of an established clothing company behind them and it has helped make the brand a solid offering for golf clothing nearly overnight.

The Initial Line

If you keep an eye on the Fresh reviews, it’s probably pretty obvious that I gravitate towards simple styling in all of the clothing that I wear on the course. I prefer solid shirts, solid shorts, and solid pants (with the occasional stripe or two thrown in). And that’s exactly what Maide is offering.

The initial lineup of Maide clothing currently includes golf pants (the Highland Pant), shorts (The Barton Short), shirts (The Berwick), a few t-shirts (various styles in white and grey), and a handful of knitted items (a few V-Neck sweaters and a cardigan). The color options are mostly basic with a few pop colors thrown in for good measure.

On The Course

The Maide apparel that made it out on the course with me were The Barton Shorts and The Berwick Shirt.


The Barton Short

The shorts are clear standouts in the golf world. In a sport where the majority of companies simply slap their logo on a mass-produced style and double the price, the Barton Short is a nice change.


The material is a performance polyester that is thicker and has a water-resistant feel. The short fabric is thick enough that it doesn’t show anything through the pockets and even with the black lining – the shorts don’t have any color bleed-through and appear to be stain-resistant.



The shorts are full of nice details that make them great for golf.


The waistband of the shorts has a thin, soft, and grippy insert that does a great job of holding your shirt in place when it’s tucked in. The rear pockets are perfect for holding a scorecard and have a contoured feel that keeps the pocket closer to your body while not distorting the fit when your pockets are full.


There’s also the locking snap, the great athletic fit, and the scorecard screen on the inside of the shorts that shows the waist size.

Bonobos D-Ring Belt

In addition to the golf specific items, I also took a look at the Bonobos d-ring belt.


I love d-ring belts on the course and the Bonobos belts go great with their golf gear.


The d-ring belts do appear to run on the larger side of the sizing. The recommendation on the site for my waist size (32) was at the upper end of the medium and the lower end of the large. The large belt was too long for my taste and I would recommend going for the smaller size if you’re on the fence.

The Berwick Shirt

I didn’t have high expectations for the Maide shirts – on the site they simply look like typical J-Crew-ish pique polos. Although this looks like an everyday preppy shirt for the boat-shoe crowd, it performs as good as any golf shirt that I’ve seen yet.


I walked 36 in the shirt the first time I had it out and did my fair share of sweating on the course.


Despite being covered in sweat, the shirt never held any of the moisture or gave any hint that I had been out playing golf for six hours straight. I have no idea how Maide did this, but they nailed the performance aspects of this shirt without the shirt looking or feeling like a performance shirt. Well done Maide.


The Berwick Shirt comes in a handful of basic colors with a simple contrast stripe around the sleeves and collar. The sleeves are quite a bit shorter than the standard long sleeves found on most typical golf shirts on the market. The shirts look basic, but make for a great combination with any of the Maide pants or shorts. The shirts give a modern-classic throwback look that looks great on the course or in the clubhouse.

Overall Thoughts on Maide

If I was going to replace my golf clothing right now, this would be my go-to brand.


Everything from the styling to the performance of the Maide gear is exactly what I’ve always expected and have rarely seen in the world of golf clothing. Despite only being around for a very short time, Maide has finally given us a great option for stylish and functional golf clothing.


And I give them bonus points for including Mayer Hawthorne music, Jones Golf Bags, and Seamus covers in their video.

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