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There are a handful of companies in the golf world that I have a tremendous amount of respect for.


These are the companies that you rarely see when you turn on the golf channel or in the latest mainstream golf publication. These are the companies that earn their media coverage by creating something truly special instead of paying tremendous amounts of money for full page ads in the major magazines. These are the companies that are driven by and focusing deeply on craftsmanship and design.


If there’s one meta-pattern that I see in the golf industry as a result of reviewing products for Fresh, it’s that there is a clear difference between companies that build their businesses out of primary orientation towards craftsmanship and those that build their products for the purpose of making money. If you’re looking for quality then craftsmanship clearly wins. And if you happen to be looking for an amazing putter – then I’m convinced that you should be taking a look at the amazing products being built by Low Tide.


Low Tide has only been around for a little over a year and in that time they’ve managed to build some amazing products with a deep dedication to detail. It’s apparent that the crew behind Low Tide cares about the quality of the products that they are building and a quick glance through their Facebook page shows the variety of customizations that they’re churning out for many discerning golfers.


Low Tide has three models of putters currently available (the FIN, the Whale Tail, and the Rip Curl) as well as a variety of accessories.


All of the putters are fully customizable and the crew at Low Tide will work with you to customize your putter to your liking. A variety of materials and finishes as well as custom length, loft, and lie adjustments are all available.


Low Tide will also work with you to customize the ideal shaft, grip, paint-fill, stamping, and engraving options if you’re looking for that level of customization.


The putter I’ve been using for the past month is the Low Tide FIN. The FIN comes in raw, black, torched, and copper options. The version I tested was the raw finish with some great custom engraving on the toe and heel of the sole of the putter.


I can’t imagine a better looking putter. The Low Tide crew did an excellent job of customizing the putter to create the perfect fresh-inspired putter. The sole engraving and paint fill is done perfectly and gives the feel and presence of a custom-designed putter. Simply stated, it’s beautiful.


The FIN is a wide-body design, but still easily fits into a standard putter cover. A cover is included with the putter and matches well to the minimalist styling and strong sense of craftsmanship of the putter. The cover is an excellent soft leather with a subdued embossed Low Tide logo.



The performance of the putter is everything you’d expect from a high-end putter company. While the putters aren’t cheap, they’re far from expensive and a great value for the quality that you’ll receive.


The feel of the FIN is firm with a nice sounding face. The FIN was easy to judge all distances with and I felt at home with the putter after a short time of hitting putts around at my local club.


Low Tide has done an amazing job with the FIN and I’ve also been very impressed with the other putters that I’ve seen and hit from the company. The attention to detail and deep craftsmanship that exist with these putters is something that I hope we see more of over the next few years.


We’ve reviewed a lot of putters over the years here on Fresh, and there’s not another that I’d put in front of any of the Low Tide putters that I’ve spent time with.


If you’re interested in Low Tide, you can find some great information and photos on the Low Tide website. I also heavily encourage you to check out the Low Tide Facebook page where you can see many photos of their custom creations and see some great videos of the putters in use.


You can also find a few more images of the custom putter used for this review in the Low Tide Custom FIN Putter album on the Fresh facebook page.

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