Kikkor Dress Sneaker

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If you haven’t seen Kikkor before, you certainly need to check them out. The company is doing a great job of providing a good mix of golf and skate shoes that combine to form a great combination of forward-thinking golf shoes.

The Kikkor Dress Sneaker is a street-style shoe with solid features that make it an excellent choice for a great all-around golf shoe. The design and styling of the Dress Sneaker make it a functional and stylish shoe that is a joy to wear both on and around the course.

The Dress Sneakers come in three colorways (Midnight, Powder, Scarlet) and with two sets of laces (fat and skinny).  The shoe is an all-around great-looking shoe with a low profile feel, solid materials and stitching, and a flap over the bottom lace to keep sand and debris from entering the shoe from the top.

The sizing of the shoe tends to run smaller than most other shoes, so I’d recommend ordering a half-size larger if you have a wider foot or sometimes need a larger size in other brands. The shoe ended up fitting my narrow foot perfectly.

The Dress Sneaker is extremely comfortable and fits significantly different than a traditional golf shoe. With it’s “polyurethane insole for nearly illegal levels of comfort” – the shoe delivers on the feel of a street shoe instead of the traditional look, feel, and fit of what we are all used to in a golf shoe. The shoes feels like a skate shoe with built-in spikes.

The immediate standout for me was the stability of the shoe.  I noticed the stability most walking on uneven ground or on steep embankments where normal golf shoes would allow my ankle to fold or my sole to slip. Because of the width of the sole of the shoe and the low center of gravity, I’ve been able to traverse easily and ground my feet to swing on the steep slopes without a problem. The shoes really shine when playing courses with lots of hills or with rolling fairways.

Probably like everyone who purchases a street golf shoe, I was concerned about traction and slippage during my golf shots.  Well, after my first shots on the driving range, I could tell my concerns were unfounded.  The shoes have great traction with the embedded spikes and after many rounds I’ve yet to have the shoe “slip out” on me.  The spikes are built into the shoe and extend just enough to grip the ground while still providing a low center of gravity.

After a few months of use and quite a few rounds on a variety of different courses – the Kikkor Dress Sneaker has been a great golf shoe and one that I will continue to wear for the foreseeable future. The Dress Sneaker also comes with a 1 year waterproofing warranty.

I also suggest visiting Kikkor’s website and learning a bit about the company.  James Lepp has a solid vision on building and providing a great product for progressive golfers. It’s great to see a fresh approach make it around to the street shoe market and to see Kikkor blazing a new path in what is possible.

Kikkor has an extensive lineup of styles and colorways that are available on their website as well. All Kikkor shoes come with free shipping both ways for online orders to help deal with uncertainty of ordering online (or you can use the dealer locator to see if one is located close to you). If you need some fresh colors, some solid styling, and are looking for a company that identifies with a non-traditional audience – Kikkor is a certainly a company worth checking out and supporting.

If you’d like to see some more pictures of the Kikkor Dress Sneaker, you can check out the Kikkor Dress Senaker photo album that we have posted on facebook.