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The rebirth of the Jones Sports Company has been a wonderful thing for the golf industry. Jones has continued to release modern remixes of the classic Jones golf bags and has been a strong proponent of the walking golfer.

The Jones Stand Bag

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Jones Stand Bag. While I trusted that the bag would be solid, I was skeptical that the single strap coupled with a stand would work out. After a dozen rounds walking with the bag, I can fully advocate for the strap/stand combination and for this bag in particular.

I have been enjoying this bag thoroughly. I expected to like it, but I ended up loving it.


The Remix

The Jones Stand Bag is a modern-day take on the classic.

While the general look of the bag is still intact, the functionality has been significantly improved. The legs initiate higher up the bag, a new leg extension/retraction system has been added, and the pocket configuration has been improved.

The Stand

After deconstructing my on-going experience with the bag, it’s clear that my mediocre experience with most stand bags is related to the inability of the stand to function correctly. The majority of stand bags have a flimsy spring mechanism, bad stand angles, unstable grounding, and extension mechanisms that tend to sag after light use. Thankfully, the Jones Stand Bag doesn’t have any of these issues – it’s a well-constructed and designed stand system applied to a classic design.

The stand system is very good – solid, stable, and responsive. The bag sits at the perfect height and a great angle when the stand system is engaged. Even in deeper rough (where many stand bags fail miserably), the bag easily engages and stays solid.

The Single Strap

The single strap can carry either direction (forwards, backwards, or cross-shoulder). The strap is very comfortable – more so than the Original. Although it takes a bit to get used to, the single strap ends up being superior to the ubiquitous double-strap configuration found on almost all modern golf bags.

A loop at the base of the bag is big enough to grab when you need to balance out the bag and are carrying the bag in a clubs-forward position. With the symmetrical pocket-design, this means that you can get a ton of versatility in how you carry the bag and you can easily switch between the left or right shoulder.

The Details

The details in the bag design and overall simplicity are what sets this bag apart. Most of those details are brought back from the classic Jones bags.

The throwback fur top is nice. I really like the way the clubs slide in and out of the bag with the 3-way divider. The opening is the same size as the Original Jones Bag and will fit a full set of clubs (ideal number seems to be 12 or less). There’s also something about having the plush top that brings a smile to my face every time I use it.

The braided handle is tighter than the Original and Players Series. I like having them a bit tighter. The handle is easy to grasp and holds a towel tighter if you keep your towel looped through.

And then there are those buckles. Honestly, I have no idea why those buckles are at the top of the bag. They do function well as a spot to put a bag tag and they also seem to really complete the look and feel of the bag from an aesthetic standpoint.


The Jones Stand Bag is an incredible bag that gives you the style and versatility of a single-strap bag with the practicality and ease-of-use of a stand bag. This really is the best of both worlds and the Jones Stand Bag is an excellent remix of a classic.



  1. I enjoyed your review. However, I believe the Jones stand bag would be more well received and considerably more practical if it had a 6 way top with a slightly larger opening to accommodate 14 clubs. Since I carry 14 clubs and I hate club tangle, I will continue using my Hoofer, albeit, itself, a little guilty of club tangle since I have a putter with a large Superstroke grip. Otherwise, I think the Jones stand bag is a totally cool looking product and, but for the aforementioned 3 way top, I would buy one.

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