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[stag_intro]Jan Craig began crafting her headcovers in the early 60’s as a means for paying for the Craig’s annual anniversary trip to Pinehurst. The company grew from making headcovers for friends to setting up shop in the garage to their current arrangement of employing home-based knitters across the United States.[/stag_intro]

Jan Craig Full

There’s a lot to love about Jan Craig headcovers and I highly suggest you have your own custom set hand-crafted.

The joy of owning a set of Jan Craig headcovers can be boiled down to exquisite style, deep quality, and excellent craftsmanship.

Exquisite Style

Let’s face it, if you’re using the headcovers that came with your clubs, they’re ugly. I’ll even bet that most of you take the covers off at the beginning of the round, toss them in the back of the cart, and don’t touch them again until the end of the round. This is your subconscious telling you that you deserve better.

Jan Craig In Bag

Jan Craig covers can add a healthy dose of freshness to your bag. You have an incredible amount of customization options available for your headcovers by visiting the Jan Craig website.

Jan Craig Bag Down

You can choose pom or tassle options, sleeve color, number of stripes, initials or numbers, add length, and even make other special requests. With 39 color options and multiple detailed configuration options for a variety of clubs – you can mix and match colors and styles to find the perfect setup for you and your bag. And if that’s not enough, you can always sketch out your own cover and see what they can do.

Deep Quality

The wool used for the covers is a heavy gauge wool that holds their elasticity and is incredibly durable. It’s not uncommon to find someone who has had the same set of Jan Craig headcovers for a decade. These covers will last for years and withstand anything you can throw at them.

Jan Craig Heavy Wool

The company stands firmly by their products and will even repair their products for free if anything ever happens to your covers.

Excellent Craftsmanship

The Jan Craig covers have been mostly unchanged since Jan herself was knitting the covers.

The classic styling and overall quality have stood the test of time. When you can make the same product for half a decade without any major changes, you’re on to something.

Jan Craig Simple

Jan Craig Elastic

While the covers appear to be a simple sock, the design is sound. The knitting pattern offers plenty of elasticity that allows for the sock to cling to the club while still being easy to pull off and slip back on.

Jan Craig Length Top

Jan Craig Length Bottom

The length of the cover is also a great, it’s more than enough to keep the lower third of the shaft protected in the areas where they tend to wear heavily due to the repetitive motion of pulling them in and out of the bag.

Each of the Jan Craig headcovers are hand-knitted (yes, that means by hand) in the USA by a home-based knitting force.

Jan Craig Label

You can find out more about these excellent headcovers by heading over to the Jan Craig Headcovers website.


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