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Every time we receive a new pair of ECCO golf shoes, I’m amazed by the quality that ECCO weaves into their golf shoes.



There are clearly designers at ECCO that are deeply focused on bringing the best materials and performance to their golf line. The ECCO EVO One is a shoe that is worthy of the ECCO name and a shoe that will give you everything you need in a high-quality shoe on and off of the golf course.


ECCO leather is significantly higher-quality than any other major shoe manufacturer and it doesn’t take much to notice the difference. The next time you’re in a golf shop, hold any pair of ECCOs up to any other shoe in the shop and you’ll instantly see what I’m talking about.



The construction and materials in the ECCO feel indestructible. There’s an excellent chance that any pair of ECCOs will hold up longer than you’ll care to wear them. It says a lot when you’re buying a new pair of shoes just because you want a new pair of shoes – not because your shoes haven’t held up to the demands of the course. I routinely wear out shoes from other golf manufacturers, but I’ve yet to put any noticeable wear on any pair of ECCOs.


The ECCO EVO One has a wider fit than the original ECCO Street line and it’s a feel that I much prefer to the older Streets. While the shoe still feels a bit narrow in the toes, it’s much more comfortable than the original Street line. Although I don’t have wide-sized feet, I do prefer my shoes to feel like there’s a bit of space – the wider feel just holds up much better on those 36-hole days.



Aside from the quality, the standout feature in the fit of the shoe is the way the shoe cups around your heel. The fit of the heel is a key feature to ECCO golf shoes and provides an additional level of stability and adds to the overall feel in giving the shoe an exceptional fit. If you have any issues with heel slippage, this shoe will help tremendously.



The traction of the shoe is more than adequate. The TPU outsole continues to be the standard for others to try and emulate. The outsole has the ability to avoid slippage beyond any other golf street shoe. The traction is more than enough to keep you firmly grounded regardless of the turf conditions.



The sizing fits true to typical ECCO sizing. Although I wear a 9 in just about every golf shoe, I wear a full to half-size smaller in ECCOs (my ideal ECCO size is a 42 EU, equivalent to an 8/8.5 US).


The ECCO EVO Ones come in a variety of unique colorways that are subtle enough to be classic while also giving a modern flavor to the variety of colors that are offered. All shoes come with an alternative lace color so that you can fine-tune the style of the shoes.


You can find out more about the ECCO EVO One on the ECCO Golf website.

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