Cobra Amp Driver and Fairway

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One of the significant new driver and fairway wood entrants of the year was Cobra with their Amp line. Heavily inspired by Rickie Fowler and the bright-orange rage – the Amp series has certainly turned a few heads and is one of the most recognizable club series on the market for 2012.

This was the first year that I’ve attended the PGA Show and one of the largest surprises to me was the Cobra-Puma setup. This crew knows how to throw a party and the bright orange accents on everything around the show left a lasting impression. To say the least – Cobra-Puma has embraced the youth golf scene and has done a great job in giving attention to younger golfers.

The Amp Look

While this driver and fairway wood might not be the first choice for the older crew, the younger golfers will certainly appreciate the general aesthetic. The clubs have a look that is modern, but not overly loud and obnoxious. The orange grip and highlights certainly stand out – but they do so in a respectable way.

It didn’t take me long to get used to the colors of the club. The silver shaft and crown matched with the black face and orange accents gives a nice look to both of the clubs. It was almost as if the colors in the Amp line give a nod to the progressive crowd without being way over the top.

The silver crown of the club looks great in both low light and bright sunlight – especially matched with the black face of both of the clubs. I tend to jump around a bit with drivers and the colorways in both of these clubs are probably my favorite of the season. The Amp Driver and Fairway wood won’t be mistaken for anything else out there and they can be spotted almost instantly on the course.

Both the Amp Driver and the Amp Fairway are adjustable. While I enjoy playing around with settings on the range I always end up back at the neutral position on the course and that’s exactly what happened for me with both the Driver and Fairway. Adjustability is a big deal for many golfers out there and the adjustment capability of these clubs is simple and straightforward if that’s something that you’re interested in.

Cobra Amp Driver

The first thing that I noticed with the Amp Driver was that it felt much shorter than any other driver that I’ve had in my bag this year. When I went back to look at the specs of the driver, the length is only about 1/4″ shorter – but it is certainly noticeable.

Although the Amp Driver is certainly known for its progressive looks, the driver feels and looks wonderful at address. The shorter shaft and colors give a nice combination that is great to look at I noticed myself smiling more at address. There’s just something there that resulted in a smile while standing over the ball.

The driver performed similar to the other drivers from the usual golf companies. I didn’t end up with excessive distances and didn’t notice a significant ability to work the ball more. I expect good performance from anything that we review on Fresh and this club met that expectation. No miracles – just good and solid all around performance.

Cobra Amp Fairway

The Amp Fairway is a great companion to the driver. The Amp Fairway felt like the little brother of the driver. The look and feel of the two woods are nearly identical and both have similar feels at impact.

For some reason the Fairway took me a few rounds to get used to (the driver was fine the first time I walked onto the course with it), but after a few days it ended up earning a spot in my bag. The Amp Fairway is a worthy contender to any of the other Fairway woods that I’ve tried out this season. The ball flight with the Fairway has a great penetrating ball flight that is a joy to watch.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Both the Amp Driver and Amp Fairway will do a great job of getting noticed due to their progressive looks. Although these clubs have a distinct look, they are great all-around performers that easily stand up to the classic drivers and fairway woods out on the market. If you’re looking for some a solid Driver and/or Fairway wood, these clubs are worth hitting and seeing the results for yourself.

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