Cleveland Custom 588 Wedges

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There’s been quite a bit of hype about Cleveland bringing back the 588 wedge. When the wedge disappeared from the Cleveland lineup, lots of faithful customers searched high and low for any used 588s they could get their hands on.

In doing research about this club – I’m simply blown away by the dedication and stories that so many of the 588 faithfuls have in trying to find one of these wedges while it was missing from the Cleveland lineup.

The 588 wedge has an impressive history that includes being the highest selling wedge of all time and having more major wins and PGA tour wins than any other wedge in history.

When Cleveland recently brought back the 588, they brought it back right. The 588 comes standard in satin or chrome finishes, a variety of bounce options, numerous shaft options, and the additional length, lie, loft, grip, wrap, and stepping options can all be tweaked.

Even with the variety of standard configurability of the 588 – Cleveland decided to take this wedge a step further and offer a handful of personalization options with custom orders through My Custom Wedge.

Available personalization include the additional RTG and Black Pearl finishes, custom grinds (for the RTG finish), logos, paint fill, shaft offerings, paint fills, stamping, and unique “skins” (for the Black Pearl finish). Combining these options results in a large number of personalization offerings and the ability to really fine-tune the 588 to your liking and aesthetic tastes.

My standard wedges in the bag are the Vokey Spin Milled wedges and while there wasn’t a huge transition between the wedges – it did take a few rounds for me to get used to the heavier and the smooth feel of the Custom Cleveland 588. After the initial transition, I’m every bit as confident with the 588 and I love reaching for and looking down on a club that I’ve helped design.

The buttery feel of the 588 made an instant positive impression on me – the club simply feels great. The custom 588 that I used for the review was a 56 degree, 2-dot (standard bounce) wedge with a few tweaks to customize the appearance. I gravitate towards minimalism where possible and I was able to achieve this with the club that I personalized.

Whether you’re looking to tone down or take it over-the-top with your personalization options – the My Custom Wedge personalization site will allow you get the look and feel that you’re looking for.

If you’d like to see more of the personalized Fresh 588 wedge – have a look at the Custom 588 Wedge photo album on facebook.