Yes! Callie 12

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Before Fresh was started, I thought I would never give up my Scotty Cameron putter. I lusted over a Scotty Cameron for quite some time and when the time finally came to pick up a new putter I swore that the Newport 2 would never leave my bag. Although it cost a small fortune, the reality is that I’ve seen and played with plenty of worthy competitors that come in at a fraction of the cost and perform just as well.

Yes! is a putter manufacturer that is owned by Adams Golf (which was recently acquired by TMAG). Yes! has a variety of styles and options of putters to choose from that include traditional blades, mallets, various weighting options, and plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from in each category.

The distinct characteristic of all of the Yes! putters is the C-Groove technology that is easily noticeable by looking at the face of each of their putters.

The C-Grooves are designed to get the ball rolling quickly and minimize the amount of skidding that occurs when the face of the putter strikes the ball. While this isn’t something that you can see when watching someone putt, it is something that you can feel.

Having the C-Grooves present across the entire line of putters gives you an idea of how much Yes! believes in the C-Groove concept and it’s pretty apparent by looking at consumer-provided reviews that many others believe in the benefits as well.

For me, I’ve played with a variety of putters that are designed to get the ball rolling faster and I’m sold on the results of the approach. My home course has very fast and challenging greens where having the ball rolling immediately results in much better feel and control. The C-Grooves provide a nice solid (and somewhat soft) feel that gives great feedback on a variety of different putting surfaces.

The blade-style Callie-12 is a heel/toe weighted blade putter that is the Yes! answer to the traditionalist blade putter. As a blade enthusiast, I was happy with the overall design and construction of the putter and I felt at home almost immediately with this putter.

Aside from the C-Grooves and the traditional styling, there were a few things stood out while using the Callie-12.

The first thing I noticed was the grip. The grip is more narrow than any other putter that I’ve putted with. It’s not immediately noticeable by looking at the grip, but when you get up close or rest the putter in your hands it’s easy to feel.

At first I wasn’t sure that I liked the narrow grip, but it ended up being just fine and I never noticed any difference in performance with the narrow grip – it simply feels a bit different.

The next thing that I noticed was the general aesthetic of the club. After I removed the plastic and put on the headcover, it’s fairly obvious that the color and accents of the Callie-12 that I received is screaming for attention. The yellow highlights don’t necessarily look bad, but it’s not the color combination that I would normally pick.

The Callie-12 does offer a choice of colors and the same setup that is photographed in these pictures is also available with a white and black combination in the same styling (the white replacing the yellow you see in the photos). Everyone has different preferences – so the diversity of choices is a nice option for customization.

Another notable characteristics of the club is the True Square alignment aid with lines on both the top line of the club and the cavity. While I usually prefer a minimalist approach to alignment aids, the True Square aids do a great job of showing your alignment and taking the guesswork out of lining yourself up at address.

In my month of playing with the Callie-12, I can certainly recommend checking this club out. The solid performance and great feel of this putter are a winning combination that I’m certainly happy and confident to stick in my bag. The feel and performance of the C-Grooves have performed exceptionally well for me on both typical and challenging greens.

If you’re interested in seeing some more photos of the Callie-12, you can check out our Yes! Callie-12 Putter Photo Album on Facebook.