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I’ll admit that I’m a fan of the latest back-to-cotton craze, but there’s times (especially here in hot and humid North Carolina) where cotton is the last thing that you want to be wearing out on the course.

When the sun is out and the humidity is high – I can always appreciate a good performance golf shirt. Performance shirts are either hit or miss – and SunIce appears to have figured out how to consistently make the hits.

The X-Static Silver shirts from SunIce are the best performance shirts I’ve worn and have become my go-to shirts when I know I’m going to be sweating on the course. The shirts do a great job of keeping you cool, wicking away moisture, drying quickly, and looking great in the process. When it comes to a great summer golf shirt – there’s not much more you can ask for.

The time I received these shirts was just as I was starting to train for the hundred hole hike. Given that I was building up to walk 100+ holes in a day – I obviously was playing quite a bit of golf. My training routine had me spending 3 days a week on the course and increasing the number of holes I walked by either 9 or 18 on a week-over-week basis. There were plenty of times that I waked 54 or 72 holes in these shirts (in the middle of summer) and the shirts were never less than perfect.

On the day of my Hundred Hole Hike, I ended up walking 102 holes and only changed shirts once. The two shirts that you see photographed in this review are the only two shirts that I wore throughout the day. The heat index on the day of my hike exceeded 105 degrees – so I’m not sure how much more I could have asked for really putting these shirts to the test.

I’ve also worn these shirts in the summer rain storms and an unexpected benefit was that they dried out really fast. Any type of slight wind seems to be equivalent to putting these shirts through a dryer cycle. The wicking capabilities of the shirts are amazing.

Throughout the summer I would guess that I’ve worn one of these shirts or the other for at least 30 rounds of golf. Even with excessive play, extreme conditions, and plenty of wash/dry cycles – the shirts still look brand new and there’s not a single stitch that has come loose on either one of the shirts. The quality of the x-static line is better than any other manufacturer that I’ve seen.

When all comes down to it, if I had to pick one shirt to wear for all summer, this would be it.

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