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You might have heard that there’s a new set of courses out in the middle of nowhere in Florida. While another set of courses in Florida might not initially pique your interest – it’s likely that the architects, experience and accompanying resort will. Simply put – this is excellent golf.

My quick trip to Streamsong left a strong initial impression and this is a resort that I’m sure I’ll find my way back soon.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Backroads

The experience of getting to the resort adds to it’s mystique. You know you’re in for quite a treat when the location is so remote that it requires entering longitude and latitude positions into the GPS and then still having to resort to a paper map to navigate the final few miles.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Entrance Sign

When you do finally find the entrance of the resort – the winding road to the clubhouse is nothing less than exhilerating. The anticipation builds because you know you’re about to reach two brand new courses designed by two of the finest golf course architect firms in the business – Renaissance Golf Design (Tom Doak) and Coore & Crenshaw. Both courses are worthy of every bit of that excitement that you’ll experience on your way in.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Clubhouse

Streamsong Review Streamsong Clubhouse Corner

Streamsong Review Streamsong Lockers

The clubhouse is a modernists dream. Both the exterior and interior design are something not often found in the golf world. As a modern and minimalist design-junkie, I can’t imagine anything that would fit my eye and heart better than the clubhouse that occupies the grounds beside the courses. While the design will likely be criticized by many traditionalists; this is a progressive setting that will appeal heavily to the most-critical of minimalists.

Streamsong Review Streamson Red 1

The golf? Well, the golf is beyond what you could humbly call beautiful.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Blue 7 Bridge

The site for the two courses is built on a former phosphate mine that has been laying dormant for around 40 years. Since the mining of the land was completed, the sand has been gradually shaping and reshaping itself into what has become a prime golf location.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Sand

The sanded landscape has been gently morphed by Doak, Coore, & Crenshaw into a links-like golf course in the middle of orange country.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Elevated

Streamsong also has an impressive caddie program. If you make the trip out to see these two stunning courses, you should be sure to take a caddie to give you the story of the land and to help you navigate the vast landscape.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Doak Bunkers

Streamsong Review Streamsong Blue 10 Tee

It might go without saying – but both of these courses should be experienced on foot. These courses are friendly to the walking golfer and walking this land is a great reminder of how beautiful golf can be.

Streamsong Review Streamsong Landscape

To learn more about the resort, you can visit the Streamsong web site and their list of articles written about the resort.

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