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I’ve recently wrapped up a few rounds and range sessions with a set of SCOR Golf SCOR4161 irons and I’m really excited about the potential of these clubs. The idea of a matched set of short irons and wedges is a great concept. After having some time to let the concept soak in and get used to playing with a new set of short clubs I just can’t help but think “why hasn’t it always been done this way?”

To start with, the concept of SCOR4161 is that your short game deserves the same respect as your long game. Although it’s common for most of us to match our driver, fairway wood, and various hybrids – we rarely give the same consideration to our scoring clubs. The SCOR4161 system does exactly that – offering a set of short irons and wedges that are all matched to allow for precision tuning of your short game.

The SCOR concept is based on a combination of evidence about how the majority of golfers score and a deep understanding of how to build an all-around high-quality club. When you put these things together you end up with a concept that addresses the reality of shooting the majority of our shots from within 140 yards. SCOR has has come up with a fitting process and accompanying club selection that is designed to allow for precision where we play the majority of our game.

Before you read through the remainder of the review – it’s worth hopping over to the SCORGolf site to read a description of Why SCOR4161 to get an idea of this concept and understand how the SCOR4161 system works.

There are a variety of options that you can choose from when ordering the SCOR4161 wedges. Options include matched sets of 2 – 5 clubs and the ability to purchase individual clubs between 41 and 61 degrees.

For this review I used the Matched Set of Four that was recommended as part of the online SCORFit fitting process. The set of wedges that were recommended by SCORFit were a 42, 47, 52, and 57 with steel (Genius 12 KBS Tour) shafts.

SCOR has made the SCORFit process extremely easy and finding the recommended set of clubs is just a matter of filling out an online profile about some key aspects of your game and your current clubs.


The craftsmanship that went into the building of the clubs is immediately noticeable. The finish and construction of the clubs is nothing short of amazing. Clean lines and a straight-forward design will have you wanting to get out to play these clubs immediately. All of the clubs are hand-built and are blade-style wedges with a polished chrome finish.


I’m not sure I’ve seen a better looking club than the SCOR4161s. These clubs are simply beautiful.

Since the concept of matched short-game irons/wedges is new to me and because I don’t typically use blades – I decided to spend my first few sessions with the clubs at the driving range. It did take me a few sessions to develop a solid feel and understand what my ranges were for each of the clubs. I started off with quite a few mis-hits, but after making my way through a bucket of balls I felt like I had a good feel for the clubs and knew what to expect for each of the four distances.

The SCORFit process will give you best-guesses at your distances for each of the clubs and after warming up to them on the range the distances were almost exactly the distances that were listed for me. Before I headed to my first range session – I intentionally didn’t look at the distances. When I returned home and looked at the distances, I found out that those best-guess distances provided by SCOR were right on.

The scoring-focus of these clubs means that many of those “in-between” distances in your short game are covered and the gaps in distances of the clubs are very small. I noticed that I could use my normal swing and fine-tune my approaches just through iron/wedge selection and without significantly modifying my swing. It really is a beautiful thing to have a club perform the way it is meant to. Solid hits would tend to drop within a 5 yard radius while mis-hits would tend to stay within a respectable distance of where I expected to land the ball.

As I write this I’m still having a few mis-hits per round. My guess is that I’m still warming up to the blade feel instead of the typical oversize cavities that I’m used to. Mis-hits give immediate feedback and feel “hard” while hitting the sweet spot on the clubs provides a nice “buttery” feel in a way that you know the ball is heading directly where you expected it to go.

While dialing in the clubs might not be immediate for mid or high-handicapper, my observation is that it’s worth the little bit of extra effort to get the precision that the SCOR4161s offer. It’s great to walk up to a short-game shot knowing that your regular swing won’t need to be modified to hit those traditional “in-between” distances.

If you’re interested in fine-tuning your distances inside 140 yards – the SCOR4161s will give you that capability. The clubs are offered in 21 exact lofts (41 degrees to 61 degrees) and are backed up by a 60-day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’d like to see some more pictures of the SCOR4161s, you can check out the SCOR4161 Album that we have posted on facebook.