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There’s no doubt that Nike Golf has really stepped it up with their introduction of the addition of the VR_S line of clubs. We reviewed the Nike VR_S Driver, Fairway Wood, and Hybrid a while back and recently had the opportunity to put the VR_S irons out for play for a couple of months.

There are the VR_S Forged Irons and the VR_S Cast Irons which are really two different sets of clubs. The irons that we reviewed were the VR_S Cast Irons.

The look of these irons are a cleaner version of what we would normally expect from Nike although they’re still easily identifiable as a Nike iron set. The color combination and aggressive styling give the VR_S Irons a nice look while not overdoing the look of the clubs. The red and black accents and technical look of the clubs with the chrome and satin finish look pretty good as far as game-improvement irons go.

My play with the clubs was very consistent and they perform as you would expect for a typical game improvement iron. In many cases – the clubs played a little too much like a game improvement iron. The feel of the clubs is very soft and feedback is generally muted across the set. When you hit the sweet spot with these clubs (which is very easy to do) you almost don’t feel like you just hit a golf ball.

The clubs have some pretty incredible distance and are very easy to hit. The dispersion on my shots was very tight and consistent – even on miss hits.

The flight of the irons was much higher than any other irons that I’ve played. A “normal” shot with these irons sends the ball long and high. The increased launch and ball flight certainly contributes to the distance gains and watching the ball fly very high is an interesting aspect to get used to when using these irons.

If you’re looking for clubs that are a breeze to hit, for your shots to fly long, and if want to hit the ball dead-straight then these are a great choice. If you’re a lower handicapper and looking for workability and feel then these probably aren’t a club that you would want for your go-to clubs.

I see these clubs as being ideal for the casual golfer or for someone that just wants to go out to the course occasionally and have a good chance at scoring well. The VR_S irons are a great choice for a mid to high handicapper that wants to maximize their ability to play well.

If you’d like to see more images of the Nike VR_S Cast Irons that we reviewed, check out the photo album on Facebook.

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