Nike Storm-Fit Outerwear

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When it comes to rain gear, I’m not sure you can find a much better combo than the Nike Golf Storm-Fit line-up of products. I’ve been testing this rain gear for a little over a month now in all types of rain and bad weather situations. In every case, the Storm-Fit Elite jacket and rain pants have come through for me and left me 100% dry. If you’re looking to avoid getting wet – then the Storm-Fit products are worth checking out.

The Nike Storm-Fit Pants

My primary problem with rain gear is that I can never find pants that fit. I’m 5’8″ and typically wear a 32″ waist and a 30″ inseam. Apparently that’s a hard size to find for rain gear. I’ve tried almost every manufacturer and the various sizes are either way too baggy or way too long (despite what the labels and fitting guides say). I ended up wearing a small in the Storm-Fit pants. Even in the small, these pants were still too long in the standard length. Fortunately – the excellent designers at Nike considered short people  and they added an innovative and well-executed adjustable length system for the pants. This is a huge win for me and I was easily able to drop a few inches off of the length by using the snaps on the bottom of the pants to remove the excess length. In the picture above, you can see how the bottom of the pants roll in and snap to dial in the fit. With the pants shortened, the side zipper works as expected and still has the full range of the zipper exposed on the outside of the pants. I wish more manufacturers did this – it’s an elegant solution to a common problem. The pants also have a ton of other great features as well… The waist of the pants have a slight elastic waistband with a cinch strap that is easily adjustable. I was able to cinch the pants easily on the course and they stayed in place without constant re-adjustment. The waist also features belt loops in the case that you would rather wear a belt with the pants. For pockets, the pants have two front pockets and one back pocket. All of the pockets have a small flap that covers the zipper and all of the pockets are easily accessible. Both front pockets also contain an inner zipper so that you can easily access the pants that you have on under the rain pants. This is another brilliant addition by the design team at Nike and another example of the detail that make these pants worth every penny. The bottom of the pants have the adjustable snaps to tune in the length and have an adjustable flare with a zipper located at the bottom of the pants. The zipper on the bottom is a taped-seam zipper, so waterproofing isn’t an issue with the exposed zipper. The addition of the exterior velcro strap at the bottom means that you can cinch your pants for wet-ground conditions or keep them open for damp or dry ground conditions. Last but not least is the styling of the pants. They simply look great. The cut of the pants make them easy to fit over other golf pants or shorts without being too baggy. The fit is the best I’ve seen in rain pants from any manufacturer. The dual black coloring is also really nice and gives the pants a high-end look. And yes, they do come with a lifetime waterproof warranty.

The Nike Storm-Fit Elite Jacket

The jacket I reviewed was the half-zip version of the Storm-Fit Elite. The jacket follows the same styling, materials, and craftsmanship that are so great in the pants. When I first put on the jacket and ventured outside of my house in the rain, I actually thought it might be hailing because of the way that the rain “bounces” off of the jacket (you can see this in the video posted above). I don’t know what magic is in the material that the jacket and pants is made of, but it’s excellent. I wore a medium in the jacket and it is the perfect size and perfect fit. It fits over a golf shirt easily, has a somewhat-fitted feel, and still allows for a full range of movement. The jacket is fairly thin, so it accomodates the typical layering that works best for golf throughout the seasons. One of the great features that I love about the jacket is that it doesn’t have any side pockets. The lack of side pockets isn’t one of those things that I would initially request – but it ends up working great in practice. Leaving the front of the jacket “clean” really allows it look great and perform well without all the “extra stuff” to get in the way of your swing and movement. Although the jacket lacks the side pockets, it does have a pocket in the back of the jacket. This pocket ends up being a great addition because it’s still accessible (located on the back right of the jacket) while not getting in the way of your swing. Like all of the other exposed zippers – the zipper is taped so it won’t allow any moisture get through to the pocket. The bottom of the jacket includes a cinch strap so you have the ability to tighten the fit at the bottom. In my use – I never needed to use the cinch strap since the fit was perfect. As far as styling goes – the jacket looks great. The dual black styling with touches of reflective materials give the jacket a great look with clean lines. The signature Nike Swoosh on the back of the jacket and the black grid patter in the upper half of the jacket give it some character to go along with the first-rate performance. In my testing so far, I’ve worn this jacket through conditions that I normally wouldn’t dream of playing golf in. In every case, the jacket and pants have held up beyond my expectations. At the end of the day – I can’t imagine a better rain setup than this Storm-Fit combo. Nike has provided everything that is on my rain gear wish list and has even offered up a few things that I absolutely love and would have never thought to ask for. If you would like to see more images and the full-resolution images of the Nike Golf Storm-Fit Elite Jacket and Nike Golf Storm-Fit Pants, you can check out our Nike Storm-Fit album on Facebook.