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Around three months ago I was hanging out at the local Golfsmith and noticed the Nike Method Core Concept Putter sitting on the shelf. This was the first time that I had seen the putter in person, so I decided to grab it and put around a bit in the putting area. My initial reaction was “wow” and that started my fascination with this putter.

I’m always a bit skeptical when a putter feels great in the store – mostly because so many putters give a great first reaction and the novelty fades off quickly when the putters get out on the course. I’m admittedly easily seduced by new gear, but the Method Core Concept putter has lived up to that initial positive reaction that I had inside Golfsmith.

It’s been a few months of nothing but solid play for me with the Method Core Concept. I haven’t cut my putting strokes in half, but I do feel more confident with this putter than I do with any of my trusty blade putters.

Although I fall mostly into the traditionalist classification and will almost always choose a blade putter over a mallet – this putter has been an absolute joy to use and I don’t see it leaving the bag anytime soon. For me, it’s been the right combination of blade and mallet and shines as a great all-around putter.

The look of this putter is one that people either seem to love or hate. I’ve read and heard people on both sides of the aesthetic argument around this putter. Personally – I love it.

The look of the putter is what made me take notice in the first place and the modern look of this putter is one of my favorite looks currently on the market.

The construction of the putter is solid and the concept is unique. The blade-like face of the putter is constructed of a lightweight aluminum that houses the Method Core insert while the back of the putter is constructed of a heavier steel that gives the club a mallet feel. From my experience so far – this is the best of both worlds.

The heavy steel back gives the putter a very smooth takeaway and overall stroke. This putter feels very solid all the way through the stroke and contact feels great. This a face-balanced putter that gives excellent feedback that both feels and sounds really nice.

The steel backing on the mallet portion of the putter appears to be adjustable – and it is – just not by consumers. The weighting of the putter is adjusted for shorter and longer-shafted models, but this is done at the factory and isn’t meant for modification by everyday golfers.

The red and black color scheme of the putter screams Nike all over it. The red face gives a nice contrast on the green and the black seems to fade away leaving the putter looking similar to a traditional blade-based putter. The only downside that I’ve found with the color options are that when the face scratches, it’s very noticeable. I have a knick on the top of my putter that shows silver underneath it – this is very noticeable on the red face.

This is my favorite putter that I’ve used over the past year and it comes very close to beating out my go-to putter when I need to perform (the Nike Method 001).

If you’re looking for a new putter or just in the mood for something new to putt with – stop by your local shop and roll a few puts with the Nike Method Concept Putter. I’d be willing to bet you’ll be impressed as well.

If you’d like to see more photos of the putter that was used in this review, you can check out our Method Core Concept photo album on Facebook.

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