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Welcome to the Nike Method 001 putter review on Fresh. I’ve been using this putter for the past ten or so rounds and feel like I have enough experience with the putter to give our readers a solid feel for what it’s been like switching putters and using the Method exclusively for the past few weeks.

Like so many other golfers, if there’s a sacred club in my bag – it’s my putter. Using a new putter always makes me a bit nervous. The putter is that one club in the bag that can certainly make or break your game no matter how good or bad you’re playing. If my rounds so far with the Nike Method 001 are any indication of the future – this putter will be staying in my bag and will continue to help in pushing down my handicap.

About a year-and-a-half ago rumors started surfacing about a new Nike prototype putter that was making the rounds through the bags of quite a few tour players and the putter went through a pretty significant win streak including a few majors. The putter finally made it’s debut in Spring of 2010 and it ended up being launched as the Nike Method line. I was intrigued by the putter when it was first released, but I was in love with my Scotty Cameron Newport 2 a little too much to make the switch. I’ve finally put the Newport up for a while to give the Nike Method 001 a try and I’ve been extremely impressed with almost all of the aspects of this wonderful release from Nike.

When I first started to demo the putter, I arrived late for my tee time and didn’t have a chance to warm up and get a feel for the putter. Given that this was the first time I’d used the putter – my expectations were pretty low. As it turns out, I ended up logging my best round ever and had five one-putts that were well over gimme range. I sank a few 20+ footers and went home with a huge smile on my face – much of which I felt is owed directly to the solid craftsmanship and the resulting confidence that this putter inspired. Since that first round with the putter, I’ve had many additional rounds that have left me with that same feeling.

The feeling of both the swing weight and the resulting smoothness of a stroke with the Method is solid and well-engineered. It’s hard to go off plane with the club and distance control and feel are much more precise than I’ve felt in any stock putter. The ball feels great coming off the club and the sound of the putter is excellent. I’m not sure what else I could ask for in a putter – especially a putter that’s off the rack that hasn’t been customized at all. You can feel the quality of the construction from the moment you first pick up the club.

The craftsmanship of the putter is noticeable in just about every aspect. The milled stainless steel, the heel-toe weight distribution, the ability of the putter to get the ball rolling quickly, the lack of skidding, and the overall weighting of the putter all feel great and have me looking forward to pulling the putter out of the bag on every hole.

The polymer in the face does make a noticeable difference in the roll of the ball, the softness in the feel, and the feedback that you have when using the putter. The polymer isn’t just added to the club, instead the putter is machined to allow for the polymer to be injected into the slots in the head of the club and machined off the face. The Polymetal Grooves don’t protrude from the face, they’re built directly into the putter.

The video below shows the construction of the Method 001 and provides some additional information about the construction of the putter…

Prototype Method 001 Putter from The Oven on YouTube


The club has a great look to complement the feel. The finish of the club is non-reflective and keeps the glare of the sun out of your eyes while also providing a really attractive and minimalist finish.

The standard sight-line is replaced by a dot to use for alignment. The dot is a nice deviation from tradition and provides just enough information to allow for proper alignment while also adding to the minimalist look of the putter.

The stock grip on the Method is a nice compliment to the rest of the club. The smooth front of the grip and the repeating polymer groove pattern on the back of the grip provides a nice feel. The grip fits the smoothness of the stroke of the putter well. The stock grip is a Golf Pride Tour Tradition grip with the Method and Nike logos. The Method line is offered with a handful of custom grip options if you want a different color or feel.

I can’t find much about this putter that I don’t absolutely love. The one exception for me is the head cover. While the material is solid and the magnetic enclosures are nice and quiet – it still doesn’t feel like a perfect match for the putter. As I play more and more rounds with the Method 001, I’m starting to like the cover more than I did at first, but I’m still not in love with it. Regardless – if all I can find to complain about is the head cover – then I guess that’s certainly a testament to the quality and my satisfaction with the putter.

The Method 001 is absolutely a club worth checking out and spending some time to get to know. If you’re looking for an off-the-shelf putter, you’ll be hard pressed to find something with a better feel than the Nike Method line of putters. After many rounds with the 001, I’m pretty sure it will be staying in the bag for quite a while.

If you’d like to see some more pictures of the putter, you can check out the Nike Method 001 Photo Album that we have posted on facebook.