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Given my intense focus on walking all of my rounds, I clearly care deeply about the golf bags that I carry around the course on a daily basis.



Jones has been doing a great job with the re-introduction of classic bag styles and the minimalism of the bags is something that naturally appeals to those of us that prefer to experience the course on foot.

Fresh reviewed the Original Jones and Limited Edition Seamus Golf Bag earlier this year and we were very happy with both of those bags in both aesthetics and performance.



A few months ago I put the Jones Players Bag into rotation.

Simply put – I haven’t owned a better walking bag.


The Players Series #001 bag comes in black on black without the choice for any other options. I can’t think of a better color combination – black on black is perfect and that’s as minimal and understated as you can get.




While the bag is short on features and flair, it has the perfect combination of everything you absolutely need in a solid golf bag.

The bag is extremely light, very comfortable, small and compact, and has ample space with the three available pockets.

There’s a spine to give the bag a bit of structure (it doesn’t collapse fully like the Original Jones), a loop at the base for easy support if you prefer to carry with the clubs forward, the standard Jones braided handle, an opening with a single divider, and the standard Jones plastic base.




While there are only three pockets on the bag – the pockets are big.

I use one of the top pockets for balls (it could easily hold more than you would ever care to carry), the other top pocket for my valuables pouch and range finder, and the large bottom pocket for any additional rain gear (assuming I might need it) and water bottle. If you’re carrying all of those items then you still have plenty of room, and if you need to carry more than those items then you should probably lighten your load a bit.


The single strap on the Players Series is less bulky than the Original strap and still every bit as comfortable.

If you’ve grown up with double-straps then the single-strap might take a bit of getting used to – but the versatility is stunning – it’s much more flexible than the standard two-strap systems found on the majority of bags today.



To wrap up, I’ve put this bag through 50+ rounds already and I can’t find a thing wrong with it. My only frustration has been that it’s hard to fill up my travel bag when I take the bag on trips with me. I’ve found myself wrapping my clothing around the bag to try and fill out my soft travel bag – but this is hardly a fault of the Players Series bag and a clear opportunity in the world of golf travel bags.


If you’re looking for a great walking bag then this is the best value on the market and I can almost guarantee that you’ll fall in love with.

If you’re looking for more pictures, check out our photos on facebook.

You can order the Jones Players Series #001 bag on the Jones Golf Bags website.


  1. I was wondering if the Jones Players Series is big enough to accommodate 12 clubs, which is the most I would ever carry, or is it best used as more of a Sunday bag for playing with a half set? I’m trying to decide between the Jones Players and the Original.

    • The Jones Players would be ok with 12 – but that’s probably the max.

      I carry the Players series with 11 clubs as my everyday bag.

      The Players series is slightly smaller than the Original.

  2. Thanks for the quick response Ben. Just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying your reviews and photography. I’m back into golf after being away for about 3 years and love small companies which produce quality products which harken back to a simpler time. Must be nostalgia which comes with aging. Having become frustrated here in Toronto with everyone’s need to play cart golf, its nice to find a small segment of the golfing population dedicated to walking and playing the game the way it was meant to by played. Having said that, I’m not totally pure, having added a range finder to my bag.

  3. I just picked up a Player’s Series bag and promptly filled it with all my gear (and still had room to spare for a set of rain pants and light jacket), including 14 clubs. It seems they fit fine. Now, I don’t use a jumbo putter grip and all my sticks have standard sized grips. Maybe that’s the ticket. I imagine clubs with larger grips could be dodgy.

  4. Is the bag water proof or water resistant? Do you play on “dewy” mornings and have issues with water seeping into the bag?

    • The bag is certainly water resistant, but not waterproof. I do play on plenty of dewy mornings and the bag holds up just great and I’ve never had a problem with water coming into the bag.

  5. I have been shopping for a new golf bag for my hickories, debating between the Jones Players Series, Belding Vintage Soft and Eliott Westchester. Thankfully I stumbled on your review, the Jones Players Series bag is the winner.

  6. Really love the look of this bag. In your opinion, do you think it would be okay strapped into the back of a cart for some of those lazy days?

    • It’s less-than-adequate, in my opinion. The strap to secure a bag onto a cart strangles the golf bag, making it a pain to pull out clubs. Almost to the point I’d rather carry the clubs in the front seat and get out of the cart and walk with it. But I hate carts altogether anyway.

  7. I’ve plaid a lot with this bag for a little over a year.

    Main zipper pull failed. The end was not sewn secured. I put the pull on in reverse, and used a safety pin to secure other end so the pull wouldn’t come off again.

    The felt cover on the divider abraded off. That happened relatively early.

    The main complaint I have in the metal tag. I cuts into my back while carrying. I think this is a strange oversight.

    About water resistance: I play in CA yet wet grass always gets whatever is in the main large pocket wet. I have never found ballistic to be waterproof at all. You need pack cloth (oxford) for that.


    Strap is awesome. I should, but never have yet, trim the excess off. But super-comfy even after 63 holes in a day.

    Braided handle – help to thread my towel through so it doesn’t hang and flap around too much. Durable. Was a little worried since the zipper was not sewn so well, but it’s been fine. My clubs are heavy.

    I fit 14 clubs, three woods with fatter grips but everything else is normal. Sometimes they’re a bit tight, but not often.

    Pocket layout is good.


    Replace the metal plate with fabric.

    Change the smallest pocket so that tees and ball markers don’t disappear into the corners: sew in a liner, or set it up like pants pockets. That would be justified in a price-point increase in my opinion.

    Try pack cloth (if you can still buy it…) with solid water-proofing layer.

    Fully divided, using silcloth (the silicon-impregnated ripstop in ultralight tents and parachutes).

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