Jones Players Series #002

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In case you missed it, Jones quietly released their second Players Series bag and it has turned out to be one of my favorite bags of the year. It’s incredibly refreshing to see Jones continue to release minimalist bags that are rooted in tradition while still being functional enough to provide all of the necessities for walking golfers.


The Players Series 002 is very similar to the Players Series 001 with a few welcome design changes.


The most noticeable change is the color of the bag. While the 001 was pure black, the 002 is dominantly white with some black color blocking and accents thrown in. The bag is visually distinctive and the ballistic nylon material results in the ability of the bag to stay clean despite the light color.


Another minor change to the bag is the only thing that I ever desired beyond the design of the 001 – an external water bottle pocket. While the bag can easily hold a few bottle of waters in the regular pockets, having an easily accessible external pocket for a water puts results in the bag bordering on perfection. The pocket is still relatively small, but turns out to be perfect for a standard bottle of water.


The last change in the bag is the addition of an internal phone pocket. The pocket is located in the main top pocket and keeps a typical smartphone secure and well-protected. The pocket is perfect for an iPhone and is a welcome addition – especially since I typically use bluetooth headphones.


The only thing that I can point out about this bag that leaves me wanting more is the vinyl trim. While the vinyl material is capable and holds up well, I’d love to see the extra step to use leather. Although it would likely take away from the attractive price point, it would also be a nice option and bring the bag to potential heirloom status.


The Jones Players Series 002 is an economical and well-designed walking bag that ends up being a great companion for the walking golfer.



  1. Any thoughts on the structure of the players series vs the original? I have the original, but I’m thinking I might like the structure coming from a normal stand bag. I carry 14 clubs. Any thoughts?

    • Player’s series does have some structure to the bag. Similar to a Mackenzie bag – there is a single / straight spine that provides structure (unlike the original).

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