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I’ve really been enjoying my time over the past month learning more about iliac Golf and the great products they’re making. Iliac is a really interesting company and they are releasing lots of solid and unique gear. The company has a great collection of products and everything that I’ve seen so far has been excellent quality and extremely well-crafted.

I was recently able to get out and test one the iliac golf shirts (the Tipping Stripe) and a lightweight pullover (the Dormy Argyle). Both of the pieces are excellent in both design and performance. Both pieces are exceptionally crafted and they both have an interesting throw-back quality that feels like they are paying tribute to classic golf apparel.

The Tipping Stripe shirt is thick with excellent stitching and great mixture of a poly-blend and peruvian pima cotton. The shirt feels and performs like a top-of-the-line shirt in every possible way. There’s something magical about the feel of a high-end shirt that’s hard to explain with words. I can only say that just about every other shirt I put on when I head out to the course leaves me wishing I would have worn the iliac shirt instead. The attention to detail is excellent, the weight and materials are wonderful, and the cut is perfect.

The Dormy Argyle pullover that I tested was great as well. The material wicks away moisture without a problem and is extremely lightweight. The pullover is so light that I’m not sure how it manages to be warm – but it does. The pullover is a great outer layer for those chilly mornings or times that you feel like you just need a little extra warmth. The material in the pullover allows for a full range of motion and stays out of the way without a problem.

The products coming out of iliac have a distinct look and feel that very few companies can match. I was recently playing at an excellent golf course in Arizona and as I was leaving when the attendant asked “How are you liking your iliac gear?” After a short conversation I was told that many of the club members there have been asking the pro shop to start carrying the gear and that quite a few members have started wearing iliac gear regularly on the course. Apparently word is starting to spread – and I can certainly see why after spending some time with the products.

If you haven’t been seen the excellent line-up of gear that is being released by iliac, head over to the iliac store and spend some time checking out their great gear and unique products.

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