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Here at Fresh, we alway enjoy bringing you glimpses into the great companies that we tend to stumble across in the golf world.


While we frequently feature some great golf equipment and golf courses, we occasionally run across other companies that we love that are on the edges of the golf world.


Fore!! Axel & Hudson is a great company making kids clothing that we just couldn’t pass up.

After seeing the lines at the PGA Show in Orlando, it was clear that this is a company that is making some phenomenal gear for kids. While the clothing can certainly be worn on the course or in your club – it’s all-around great clothing that is great for just about anywhere.


The Babies, Boys, and Girls lines are all incredible and each collection has a great selection with golf-inspired clothing and accessories. After seeing the clothing and quality of the clothing in person at the PGA Show – we decided to do a clothing review of Fore-n-Birdie, the girls line.



I’m still working on getting my daughter out on the course with me, but she’s always more than happy to get dressed up and go to the club. The Fore-n-Birdie clothing is just as great for an afternoon of hanging out with friends as it is for making loops around the course. The clothing is very high quality and is made with an exceptional attention to detail.



My daughter loved all of the clothing. She tried out a few different outfits including a hat, shirt, skirt, and dress. Any time she wears any of the Fore-n-Birdie clothing – she gets countless compliments. The clothing is all incredibly cute and has held up well beyond our expectations. Kids certainly put clothing to the test, and all of this clothing looks brand new after quite a bit of wear.


Beyond the great looks of the clothing, the other significant thing that stands out are the materials. The majority of the clothing is made out of a combination of bamboo and spandex. The bamboo is incredibly soft and the bamboo/spandex combination results in a great fit with great durability.



The next time you’re looking for a few pieces of kids clothing, it would be worth the time to visit the Fore!! Axel and Hudson store to see the latest pieces from the company. All of the clothing is great and the pairing with the golf inspiration will just make it that much better every time you see your kid wearing their clothing.


To see the latest clothing from Fore!! Axel & Hudson, check out their online shop.

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