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Welcome Devereux

While there are a lot of clothing companies in the golf world, very few of them offer much to be excited about. Although we’ve seen some great advances in materials, the majority of the styling out there is weak and rarely does a company come along that seems to just get it.


Devereux is a new company that has a strong initial line and is showing signs of being a company that is on the right path.

The lineup from Devereux is simple and solid. Nice understated colors, details, and fabrics. A look at the unique cuts and subdued patterns tell us that this is a company to keep your eye on.


The Pima Cotton and Polyester blend (most pieces at 65/35) is a great combination that keeps the look good while giving the pieces a performance edge. These pieces go as well in the club as they do on the course.


A Discussion with Robert Brunner

We took the opportunity to ask Robert Brunner, the Creative Director of Devereux a few questions…

Q: Where did the idea to start Devereux come from?

The idea for Devereux came from our passion for Fashion and Golf. We wanted to create a product that could easily transcend from the course to a night out. This was our main focus when creating the brand, because we struggled finding a contemporary look that could be worn out when we just got done playing 18 holes.

Q: What are your primary sources of inspiration for the lines and the brand overall?

For our Lines – We are inspired by the past and future. If that makes sense? Our inspiration is to look at the past and re-create those classic looks with modern flare and fabrications. Our inspirations come from golfers of old and new as well as style from runway to street wear.

For the Brand – We are inspired by the “modern gentleman”. Our inspirations come from traveling, culture, food and a proper lifestyle. We take all aspects of a desirable lifestyle and try to bring that out in our design and brand direction.

Q: What’s next for Devereux?

We are continuing to build our brand into a lifestyle. Throughout seasons we will be adding pieces to our collection that we find desirable and relevant for the lifestyle that surrounds golf. We have a lot in store for our marketing and for our upcoming collections.


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