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By Jeff / Posted on 01 April 2012

Cru Golf Headcovers driver fairway hybrid cover

Headcover options are plentiful these days, ranging from traditional manufacturer branding, to college alma mater, to favorite animal, to something you won in a raffle at last year’s Holiday office party. The simple fact seems to be cost-effective mass-production is prime interest, where a mix of simple function and acceptable looks ultimately drive the vast majority of decisions golfers make about what covers their driver, fairway woods and hybrids.

Cru Golf Headcovers reserve set covers

The folks over at Cru Golf recognized a gap – and they’ve filled it nicely with thoughtful craftsmanship, and an obvious respect for the game.

We received a set of custom-made, hand-stitched leather headcovers from the Cru Reserve Collection about a month ago. Two things were evident right away: (1) They look and feel like they are a product of time and a drive for perfection and (2) they looked a bit out of place with my 1999 Ping standup walker bag – with colors heavily faded by the North Carolina sun. What’s the solution – you ask? Well – replace the bag, of course. One black and white Ping bag later – and I have an excellent complement to the color and craftsmanship of the Cru Golf custom leather head covers.

Cru Golf Headcovers covers side

Cru Golf Headcovers covers side detail

Cru Golf’s stated motto on their site is “A Timeless Pursuit”.

The motto accurately depicts not only the images of the products you see here and on their website, but also my initial sentiments when we received the product. The look definitely reminds me of what golf looked and felt like when I first started over two decades ago. Design was simple – not yet as impacted by today’s media and marketing influence. As I mentioned earlier the focus was on being functional. What Cru Golf’s product line has done has taken that continued need to be functional – and stepped it up a few notches by adding 100% leather, hand-stitched into a three-piece exterior design and an interior that is a smooth, soft 100% wool lining holding a secure fit on your clubs.

Cru Golf Headcovers covers tops

After initially receiving the head covers, taking a look at the product and getting ready to put them to review, there were three things I was concerned about:

  1. Will my 460-cc driver fit in the driver head cover?
  2. Will the silky smooth wool interior end up resulting in the head covers slipping right off the clubs during the course of play?
  3. Why is there no sock at the bottom of the head cover to protect the shafts of the clubs’ graphite shafts?

Cru Golf Headcovers driver cover

Cru Golf Headcovers driver in bag

Regarding the first point above (my concern about the Cru Golf driver head cover fitting my 460-cc driver head), after over a month of continual use on the range and walking the course, there is no concern. I was pleased that, while the driver head fit into the head cover, it took a small bit of force to have the cover actually slide over the driver’s head. The initial concern was quickly replaced with a new concern that the tight fit would fade with use. I’m pleased to say that they still hold like new – no concerns whatsoever.

Cru Golf Headcovers cover inside

Cru Golf Headcovers set in bag

In regards to the initial concern that the soft wool interior would result in lost head covers, I’ll just say that you’ll understand what I mean when you receive yours. But, I assure you, there is no reason for concern. All three of the head covers I reviewed – driver, fairway wood and hybrid – required a small bit of force to slip the club head into the cover. This assured me that the head covers would not fall off during play, and that this initial concern was not worth another thought.

Cru Golf Headcovers no sock

Cru Golf Headcovers covers in bag

The last concern quickly became a fleeting thought when I really realized why the club head covers didn’t have a soft sock included at the bottom.

I started golfing shortly before graphite shafted drivers became the new rage. One of the first clubs I played with the graphite shaft was the TaylorMade Burner Plus with the Flex-Twist graphite shaft (man, I loved that club…sigh…). One of the images I have burned in my head was the section of the shaft, at the club head end, that was scraped away over the course of time. Why did this happen? Two reasons – there were really no head covers at that point yet with protective socks to protect the graphite shaft, and golf bags didn’t yet have the protective soft lining that separated the compartments you slid your clubs down into. So – why is this not a problem then that Cru Golf head covers have not included the protective sock at the bottom of the head cover? It’s simple, really. Yes, the vast majority of today’s woods and hybrids have graphite shafts to protect, but show me any modern golf bag that doesn’t already have a soft, protective compartment lining. Issue solved. In my humble opinion, that gave the folks at Cru Golf an opportunity to keep it simple, not over-engineer a solution, and produce what is essentially a very nice throw-back look in a high-quality product.

Cru Golf Headcovers stitching

Cru Golf Headcovers hybrid stitching

The last comment I’ll make is on the price point. I’ll tell you that the cost of the custom made head covers certainly matches the quality, craftsmanship and material used. With the versatility in look and longevity potential in use, you definitely have the opportunity here to buy once and enjoy long-term – even if your ongoing selection of what’s underneath the covers changes often.

Thank you to Cru Golf for giving us the opportunity to review these custom-made leather head covers. The timeless look is certainly appreciated by us here at Fresh.

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures of the headcovers that were reviewed, check out our Cru Golf Headcovers photo album on Facebook.

Cru Golf Headcovers

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