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B Draddy is a new label that has recently made its way into some of the best green-grass clubs around the country. The current line is simple and understated and the clothing is just at home in the club as it is on the golf course.



Billy Draddy is the man behind the label and he’s certainly seen his fair share of the apparel industry. Currently, Billy Draddy is the Creative Director at Summit Golf Brands (Fairway & Greene, EP Pro, Zero Restriction, and B Draddy). Before Summit Golf Brands, Billy has spent time at POLO, Bobby Jones, Timberland, and Joseph Abboud.

Currently, B Draddy offers a small collection of shirts and shorts. All of the pieces are impressive and have a hint of southern-preppy styling.


The materials used throughout the line include pima cotton and a hint of spandex through most pieces. The shirts and shorts are all sized similar to the other major golf manufacturers while the feel and fit of the line is noticeably in the premium category.



In testing, the major standout of the pieces was in the feel. The shirts and shorts simply feel great on the course. The quality of the construction is also noticeable and it’s clear that the entire line will hold up to the most demanding wear.



All of the polos come in a wide variety of colors and the shorts come in a few different styles and colors.

If you’re looking for some classic styling and high-quality golf apparel, B Draddy is worth checking out.

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