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By Benjamin Carey / Posted on 10 January 2013

Adidas Adicross 2 Adicross 2 Profile

It’s been a bit over a year now since Adidas first introduced the Adicross shoes and they’ve just recently followed up with an updated version of the shoe with the Adicross 2. The spike-less golf shoes were a hit on their initial release (selling over 200,000 pairs) and the new version of the shoes has stayed true to the original performance and styling. The shoes have seen slight updates to the outsole and color combinations, but are very similar to the model that proved so successful last year.

Adidas Adicross 2 Toe with Blue

Adidas Adicross 2 Back with Contrast Stitching

The Adicross 2 is an all-around great looking shoe. Every pair comes with two different pairs of laces so that they have a bit of versatility in their looks and all of the colors that Adidas has introduced all look great. I reviewed the black pair and I really liked the blue highlights throughout the shoe – it’s just enough of a color splash to make the shoes interesting.

Adidas Adicross 2 Above View

Adidas Adicross 2 Inner Stripes

These shoes look exactly like you would expect for a spike-less golf shoe from Adidas. They’re simply solid golf shoes and that can easily double as a casual shoe without any issues. The soles and spikes on the shoes are one of the most durable that I’ve tested. After a month of continuous testing (on the course and off), I don’t see any wear-and-tear on the soles at all.

Adidas Adicross 2 Soles with Knobs

Adidas Adicross 2 Leather Detail

As far as performance on the course goes, the shoes perform just as well as any others that I’ve tested. Zero slippage and easily comfortable enough to walk 18 holes. So far I’ve walked ten rounds with the shoes and they essentially look brand new. Even when the shoes get dirty they are very easy to clean with your standard golf towel.

Adidas Adicross 2 Heel

I personally prefer zero-drop shoe profiles, but the traditional athletic styling (slightly higher in the heel of the shoe) was easy for me to adapt to. The shoes feel like the vast majority of sneakers that you would pick up for everyday wear and the feel is very similar as well.

Adidas Adicross 2 Heel Drop

It did take a few rounds for me to feel that the shoes were totally broken in. Given the casual look of the shoes, that was a bit of a surprise for me. Many of the spike-less golf shoes that are being released feel instantly broken-in from the start and it took a few days for me to get that well-worn feeling. This might because of the thickness of the leather or it could have been due to the footbeds taking form. I’m not sure which it was, but the shoes did feel better on my third and prior rounds than they did in the first two.

Adidas Adicross 2 Toes

Adidas Adicross 2 Thin

It’s also worth noting that the Adicross 2 (as well as every other shoe that I’ve ever worn from Adidas) does have a thinner feel than most shoes in the same category. At first, for me, this led to a slightly constricted feeling – but as the shoes started to become worn-in that feeling quickly went away.

Adidas Adicross 2 Versatile

Starting with that third round, these could easily be a pair of go-to golf shoes for any course condition. I’ve worn them on warm, cold, and even rainy days. I feel confident that the Adicross will perform in any typical golf condition that you throw at them. I’ve also enjoyed wearing the shoes around town as well – they are just as great on the street as they are on the golf course.

The Adicross 2 shoes come with the Adidas 90-day Comfort Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the shoes you can return them within 90 days of their purchase.

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Adidas Adicross 2

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