Adams Fast 12 Fairway Wood

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For the past month I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the new Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood. The Fast 12 Fairway combines many technologies and unique styling to make a solid all-around fairway wood that has been a joy to have in the bag.

The first thing that I noticed about the fairway wood is that it has a very different look and feel from other fairway woods that I’ve used. Everything from the colors to the texture of club is a significant deviation from the other fairway woods that are currently out on the market. The velocity slots in the club also give the club a different look and feel than a typical fairway wood. The club also has a subtle splash of blue on the sole and the shaft.

The crown of the club is a satin silver finish while the face of the club is black, this is the opposite of the Fast 11 Speedline Fairway Wood from last year. The reversed colors give the club a noticeably different look at address and make the club feel large in comparison to other fairway woods that I’ve used over the years. The high-contrast look took a little while to get used to – but I’ve ended up really appreciating the silver and black of the club and I do think that it inspires confidence while getting in position and addressing the ball.

The velocity slots exist on both the crown and sole of the club. While the velocity slots have existed in Adams clubs before the Fast 12 (they debuted last year) – the velocity slot appearance is amplified and more noticeable due to the silver crown color. If you look closely at the slots, you can see that there are two layers of slots (a slot within the slot). The result of the slots is that the club receives a nice feel as the ball comes off the face of the club and they combine to offer more forgiveness and better ball speed.

The Fast 12 comes with a stock Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue shaft with Speed Coat that is standard on all the models. Even the shaft of this club has a different look and feel with a slight texture.

While I didn’t see a significant increase in distance with this fairway wood (as many others have reported), I did certainly love the feel and forgiveness of the club. The velocity slots produce a spring-like feel of the ball coming off the face of the club and slots do seem to have a noticeable effect in forgiveness. Mis-hits with the club still end up flying well and off-center hits typically still result in relatively good approaches.

The sound of the Fast 12 striking the ball is a nice addition to the feel of the club. A somewhat-muted high-pitch sound has a nice ring to it that is also usually present with off-center hits. I even noticed the unique sound of the club as I used the club to position balls at the range. For an example of the sound, see the video from Adams Golf posted below.

Adams has put out a solid fairway wood that has impressed me in just about every aspect. The forgiveness of the club, the solid feel, the great acoustics, and the scores that I’ve seen while using the club have all left me with a really big smile and a lot of confidence when I pull the club out of the bag. The only negative that I can find with this club is the extra effort that it takes to clean out the slots – and that’s a trade-off that I’m happy to make.

The Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood comes in standard lofts of 13, 15 (used for this review), and 17 degrees and is also available in a Draw model with lofts of 15, 17, and 19 degrees.

If you’re interested in seeing some more images of the Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Wood that was used for this review, you can see many more high-resolution photos in the Adams Fast 12 Fairway Photo Album on our Facebook page.